Astrology & Yagna relationship

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The most powerful and potent astrological remedies, be it to fulfill the cherished goals in one’s life or to avoid dangerous and fatal disasters are ‘Astrological Yagnas’, undoubtedly.

They are a lot like science actually; a personalized Yagna is just like a specific medicine prescribed by a physician for a particular illness. In case of an intense problem, when all the means to make it right has failed then a personalized yagna is the answer; effective as it emphasizes on one particular problem.

Vedic Astrology professes two types of Yagnas / rituals or tasks – the regular ones and the specific ones. The regular Yagnas / rituals are those which a person accomplishes on a daily basis. While the specific ones are often done to fulfil a particular wish. Wishes may be as diverse as of a child, wealth a long term romantic affair / stability in a love relationship, success on the business front or getting rid of certain diseases. In this way, the basis for performance of occasional duties may be anything related to a person or collective welfare. In such a situation, a person seeks the help of astrology when the desires are not completely fulfilled.

A personalized yagna, however, is proven to be of immense help not only to restore your faith and belief but also towards your goal of wish fulfilment.

We have, after some intense research included the five important aspects of life in these Yagnas: health, wealth, marriage, removal of obstacles and children.

Astrology and Yagna, when done in correlation, promise a better and peaceful life to one. Be it any sort of relationship, disease or any other concern, the science behind a Yagna is so powerful that nothing can stand up to it. An analysis for the same is done when you contact our experts and then the ‘personalized’ yagna is brain-stormed upon and performed.

We at,, help you over-come all sorts of issues in your life through personalized Yagnas based on your astrology and sometimes just to attain inner peace. To rejuvenate your inner self completely, contact us now!

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Bhrigu Samhita

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Bhrigu Samhita is the art of preparing the birth chart and we can, without any doubts, call it the Indian equivalent of the Zodiac Signs. “Janma Kundli” a complete scientific chart drawn with mathematical precision based upon the exact time that we were born is very popular amongst the Indians. It takes into account of all the planetary positions and their astrological influences at the different stages in our lives.

This has been obtained off the Bhigu Samhita, which is an astrological (Jyotish) classic attribute to Maharish Bhrigu during the vedic period, treat yuga, although evidence available suggest it was compiled over a period of time by various shishyas of Maharishi Bhrigu. Perhaps the Bhrigu Shashtra set to have penned down by Shukracharya dictated by Rishi Bhrigu who was the master of Brahamvidya.

The great Indian mythology says Mahariṣhi Bhṛigu insulted Lord Vishnu in some way which eventually crossed his wife- Goddess Lakshmi who also happens to be the supreme goddess symbolizing prosperity, wealth and fortune. She cursed Maharishi Bhrigu — that he and the community he represented (the Brahmins) will be parted away from wealth.

After great triumphs of apologies, the Goddess suggested him to share his Astrological vidya so that his Brahim counterparts and generations to come shall be benefitted. Maharishi Bhrigu became the first compiler of predictive astrology by compiling about 500,000 horoscopes. His database formed a base for further research and study. This study culminated in the birth of the science (Śāstra) of determining the quality of time (Horā) and is the Bṛihat Parāśara Horā Śāstra.

Maharishi Bhṛigu gave his predictions on different types of horoscopes compiled by him with the help of Lord Gaṇeśa in a brief and concise manner.

These Horoscopes were based upon the planetary positions of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rāhu (North Node of the Moon) and Ketu (South Node of the Moon). The total permutations/possible horoscope charts that can be drawn with this is about 45 million. Maharishi taught this art of predictions to his son (Śukra) and other pupils and that’s how it became a legacy and continued.

The amazing accuracy of the predictions that the Bhrigu Samhita contains attract all, the rich, the poor, the educated and the un-educated since times immemorial. People in millions have been benefitted with the readings of this Granth. We at understand, however, that not all of us have the time and room to read the granth and utilize for our greater good. Therefore, we bring you the benefits of the same by the research and the reading that we’ve done. Visit us, consult a pandit and get a full-view of your own janma-kundli and other life charts, all scientifically done and based on our ancestral gem of the Bhrigu Sanhita.

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Vedas & Science – Are Vedas the first scientific treatise in the world?

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Vedic astrology
Are vedas the first scientific treatise in the world?

In India, Science and Spirituality have always gone hand in hand. Spirituality has been taken as a path to conceive any sort of sciences. Its major attributes, Yoga & Vedanta have always been a way of approaching knowledge by attainting the required inner-peace, serenity and experimentation.

The finest example of the same, Vedas, are at the base of spirituality as well as the sciences in our country. Veda, in itself means Knowledge. There is a whole different branch pertaining to sciences that Vedas contain. These are also popularly known as Vedic Sciences.

Vedic Sciences may refer to a number of disciplines: ancient and modern, scientific, metaphysical, proto-scientific, found in or based in the Vedas. Vedic Sciences do not recognize just the universal consciousness as a background but a cosmic intelligence and a universal life force to explain how absolute consciousness is connected to our world of ordinary experiences.

Any modern scientist would rest his/her logic upon the conscious of being through something which can clearly be known. Vedic sciences however, recognize the importance of sensory perception and reason; it considers that there is clearly another, more reliable source of knowledge, the internal knowledge.

The Vedas are known as the manual of the Universe. All scientific phenomena are ever present in latent or obvious forms in the vast creations of Shri Krishna. As stated in Shrimad Bhagavatam (1.2.32): “The Lord as Super-soul pervades all things, just as fire permeates wood, and so He appears to be of many varieties, though He is the absolute one without a second.”

Some fine examples of the fact that Vedas are, in fact, the first scientific treatise in the world constitute of Albert Einstein stated, “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.”

Mark Twain admitted, “India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grand-mother of tradition. Our most valuable and most constructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.”


Today with clear vision it is easy to recognize that the true light of the Absolute Truth has indirectly shone upon many walks of modern life. From ecology to filmmaking, culinary habits to so called New Age philosophical views, from yoga-inspired healthy habits to the very language we speak, the influence of India today is omnipresent.

It is now only upon us to exploit it to the fullest when we have such high form of sciences at our disposal, which are, in fact, the basis of the very modern science which has become an integral part of our lives. We, at present you with the same high order sciences to know about your life, future, career, marriage and improve personal and professional aspects of our life.


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Thought of the day

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Thought of the day

Know your fortune today through Numerology

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The branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers to tell someone’s characteristics or personality is called numerology. It is often associated with astrology and divinatory arts and helps us to predict the day’s future, for example, if the day will be favourable or unfavourable for work, relationships, etc.Numerology uses 28 nakshatras that are lunar constellations, connected directly to the moon and its myriad expressions, to predict a day’s future of an individual.

To achieve utmost success and happiness, all special/auspicious occasions such as marriages, education, house building, agriculture, farming, travel, starting new businesses, job interview, etc. should take place during the favourable Nakshatra and at an auspicious time.

It is often said that incase Nakshatras of a person are not favourable then it has the power to destroy him/her.

Simple method to know your luck today:

Find out Nakshatra of the day and your birth Nakshatra. Then start from the day Nakshatra, marking it 1, and keep marking the next Nakshatras (from 28 nakshatra chart) till you reach your birth Nakshatra.

Example: Suppose today is “Punvarsu” Nakshatra (19 Dec’ 13) and Nakshatra of your birth is “Pushya”, then count from Punvarsu (mark it one) till Pushya Nakshatra which comes out to be 1.

A) If your name Nakshatra falls under the Circle (4-5-11-12-18-19-25-26) – Some good news, union with friends and relatives is going to happen and there is a possibility to gain wealth

If your name Nakshatra falls outside the Circle (3-6-10-13-17-20-24-27) – It is likely that half of your day will be good while the other half will include tensions and worries

C) If your name Nakshatra falls on the “Trishul” ((1-2-7-8-9-14-15-16-21-22-23-28) – the day will be full of hurdles, obstacles and arguments, also you may suffer loss of wealth

Hence, before beginning an important task in your life or to know your lucky days, contact our celebrity numerologists