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Like every year, today, on the fourteenth day of the 2nd month of the year is being celebrated by world as the Valentine’s Day; a day to express their love, affection and friendship.

Since  the month of February is the  2 month  in the year cycle , Number 2 is ruled by the planet Moon, symbolizes our Emotions , Relationships, Thought process , Cooperation, and Communication – it’s a perfect choice to celebrate love.

Like on most vital things in life, romance and love life too account for a major share of our existence. Vedic Sciences too have a take on this. There is something called the “Maithri charka” that describes 8 types of people by way of 8 animals based on which one can know whether a person will really live up to be a ‘mithra’, a friend or a bitter enemy or a neutral one with whom you may not have problems. This charka has application in friendship matters, in business partnership and of course in love and marriage relationship.


The 8 animals are paired as representing the opposite arms of the Maithri charka, indicating bitter enmity.


For example- Garuda x snake Cat x rat Lion x elephant Dog x Rabbit

The 8 animals are placed from east through 8 directions.


To know if one will be friendly with you, you have to first know which animal represents your name. Then know the animal represented by your friend’s name. If the two animals are in opposites, you can expect troubles in relationship. If they are same, there will be good matching of minds. If they are natural friends, there will be friendship.


This is how the calculation is done:-


  • If the remainder is 1 – garuda (E)
  • If it is 2, cat (SE)
  • If it is 3, lion (S)
  • If it is 4, dog (SW)
  • If it is 5, snake (W)
  • If it is 6, rat (NW)
  • If it is 7, elephant (N)
  • If it is 0, rabbit (NE)


Nowadays, the practice is to count the letters in English and other languages too. Here the method is to count the number of letters, multiply it with 10 and divide the outcome by 8.




  1. If Bobby and  Eshha  want to be business partners, count their name numbers.


       Bobby   =5 x 10 = 50 / 8 = 6 (R- 2) – Cat


       Eshha   = 5 x10 = 50 /8 = 6 (R-2) – Cat


Relationship between Cat & Cat will be friendlier as per Maithri charka.


  1. If Sunnil & Kunal want to be business partners, count their name numbers.


Sunnil = 6 x 10 = 60 / 8 = 7 (R-4 )- Dog


Kunal = 5 x 10 = 50 / 8 = 6 (R- 2) – Cat

Relationship between Dog & Cat will be neutral.


In this way the compatibility and friendship can be known from the relationship between the 8 animals. Same number persons will have good understanding. Opposite numbers do not make them see eye to eye. Other numbers are acceptable, but the way they relate to each other is determined by the nature of relationship between the animals representing their names.

Vedic astrology uses the 8 animal – characteristics at other places too – in identifying the city where one can flourish and in identifying the part of the city where one can settle down and lead a peaceful life. We will see them in future posts.

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To the season of love

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The world invariably talks too much of love, but no one has yet been able to define this feeling. Since times immemorial it has been referred to as a variety of different feelings, states, and attitude based on interpersonal affection, pleasure, emotions, attraction and personal attachment. What most of us understand, however, is the variable yet undying affection towards that someone special in our lives, someone who becomes a priority without a cause and becomes a cause of our existence.

In this season of love, most of us are busy rediscovering and redefining our love lives. Especially in this week of the valentine when romance is on its utmost bloom. So how will you know whether your love will sizzle or frizzle? And until when will these sparks last?

We, at realize that sometimes, no matter how much you invest yourselves in a relationship, love is solely based on whether it is meant to be or not. The companionship you choose may be your choice but the stars backing up are responsible for it to last or get lost. In Astrology, the Sun and Moon more accurately named the ‘Luminaries’ or the ‘lights’, symbolically represent psychological functions, giving a strong indication of your likely traits and characteristics by sign and house division in a birth chart.

It is a known and acknowledged fact that a happy romance can do miracles to your life as a whole as well. It not only fills one with immense happiness but also works as a strong foundation for a prosperous family. Our astrologers specialize in finding the compatibility and happiness index in your relationship culminating into happy ending.

We help you find out the answers and solutions to all the questions about your relationship that may keep you wondering otherwise. With a team of highly successful professionals and shastris, well versed in Jataka Shastras equipped to answer all your questions pertaining to love. Well known for giving advices to various individuals and making them a success on personal as well as professional front.

We provide astrological services to people living in India and abroad. Our pandits can suggest various pujas and havans that will help enhance and accelerate your personal success and happiness. If you live outside India, we can conduct Online Live Pujas and offer blessings to the god on your behalf. We can send you our Puja CDs too (Shipping charges extra, based on the location).

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Marriage made Easy

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A social, ritual and legal binding contract called ‘Marriage’.

The definition of marriage differs according to various cultures, the principality however to keep the sanctity of this institution under which interpersonal relationships are acknowledged, intimate, social and sexual.

Legal, Social, emotional, spiritual or religious, one may get married for several reasons. Whom you marry, may also be based on various factors, influenced by perspective marriage rules, individual desires, social settings, love and so on. A Hindu wedding, also known as Vivah (and the ceremony known as Vivah sanskar), holds a lot of importance in our culture. The Sapt-Vachan (seven steps and vows) involved such high regard that they hold the power to redefine our lives altogether.

There is no single standard ceremony in Hindu marriage. Variations and flexibility in rituals on the basis of region, caste, sub-sect etc, are prevalent. The variations may be based on family traditions, local traditions, resources of the marrying families, and other factors. Some of the key rituals are performed in slightly different ways in different regions.

Ironically this great ritual holds all the power to sabotage our lives and relationships in a significant way. This may be not only the level of emotional or social connect, but also on the spiritual level.

To save you these problems and difficulties that you can possibly face in your married life, recommends Marriage Horoscope. We bring to you, our expert astrologers that match your horoscope with your prospective partners. We advise you about the most auspicious time of your marriage based on your horoscope. Our sole purpose is to ease your whole experience of marriage, to save you from all the problems that this otherwise most amazing part of your life.

We provide astrological services to people living in India and abroad. We have a mix team of highly successful professionals (with knowledge of astrology) and educationally qualified shastris in Jataka Shastras who have given advice to various individuals and made them a personal and professional success.

 “To truly know another, we must be willing to see the world through their eyes, not simply our own. If we listened as well as we spoke, really connecting would take care of itself “

But sometimes no matter how much two married people try to understand or compromise, some relationships just won’t work out. We went to the roots of such scenarios and realized that sometimes the houses and the energies are not so much in the sync and are the base of every problem.

Now here’s another prospect to it, for those who are already married and are unfortunately facing some of the dire difficulties in their married lives, family issues, financial issues or children related problems, we provide guidance, prosperity havans and so on. We help you place and direct the energies and the grahas of your kundli to the favorable direction and location in order to help you attain the utmost satisfaction.


Kundli matching, prosperity Havans, the need to accelerate happiness in your married life, all that and more; covers it all for you.


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The Varshaphal or the Vedic Yearly Astrology system makes a progressed yearly kundali for the person. The Varshaphal predicts how the individual’s year is going to be. The varshphal or the annual horoscope is a branch of astrology which has been mainly in vogue in the northern India.

Sun’s longitude at the time of the birth forms the basis of this annual chart. when the sun attains, during that year, the same longitudes is done on the sidereal or Niryana basis the annual chart for any given year of one’s life is the horoscope is cast. Another useful tool has been the Chitrapaksha ayanmsha

The solar cycle has duration of three hundred and sixty five days, six hours, nine minutes and about ten seconds. In other words, the Sun takes this length of time to complete one round of the twelve sign of the zodiac. After this duration of time, the sun will return to its original position.

The annual horoscope (varshphal), in the Indian Vedic Astrology is constructed for a year when the Sun returns to same sign and degree as that of its natal position. This varshphal is then deciphered to forecast the expected happenings & changes in that year.

In Ancient India the Varshphal, was considered to be a ‘Ready Reckoner for Good or Bad during that year’. Was an integral part, back then, of every birth day; still is practiced. Keeping in mind the divine effect of planets on your life, a Varshphal helps you plan the various parts of the year.

The predictions are based on monthly cycle. One can have detailed information about their future in that particular year. Not only the achievements and the failure but also the reason behind it and how the planetary positions affect your life. Varshphal thus is not only a way to get the predictions, but also acquire the remedies and solutions.

The reality sure can’t be changed, but the suffering can surely be reduced!

With just some basic details like one’s birth date, place, time and gender, the Varshphal can be created and the predictions about the upcoming events in life can be made. This will be a detailed horoscope with details of Vimshottari Dasha, Antar Dasha, Maha Dasha and other planetary positions. Important yoga and other remedies for education, health, career, family, progeny and so on can further be defined by the same.


It thus becomes a great idea to get your own personal Varshphal made and we at offer you the services to consult a pundit and avail this service. You can now easily know what your future holds and even try to reduce and rectify the short comings.

Precious Gems & stones

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The very dawn of civilization has witnessed man being drawn towards brilliant, shiny, colorful shells, stones and crystals.  Automatically their possession has made him more important than others; brought him peace, prosperity and happiness.

According to the book- The Healing Power of Gemstones- in Tantra Sara, a major tantrik scripture, the human body is stated to be an island of nine gems. These nine gems known as nav-ratnas correspond with the nine dhatus (ingredients) of which the human body is composed.

The Puranas also beautifully present many stories about the origins of gems and their relationship with the nine planets. These nav-ratnas are divided into two groups- Precious and Semi-precious.

The precious gems category include- Diamond, pearl, Ruby, Blue-Sapphire and Emerald whereas hessonite, yellow sapphire, cat’s eye and coral are semi-precious gems. Fascinatingly the gems are neither categorized on their market value of the gems nor on their physical brilliance, luster or durability rather on their utility and their influence on the human psyche, body, chemistry and the electromagnetic field.

Even the western astrology has strong beliefs on these birth stones. If we dig in a little deeper, we get to know- first century Jewish historian Josephus proclaimed a connection between the twelve stones in Aaron’s breastplate, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Based on these specifications, each of us has a distinct birth stone. A birthstone is basically a gemstone that symbolizes a month of birth, sometimes they even depend on the time & date of the birth. They are often used in personal jewelry like rings or pendants. Wearing a single birthstone is only a few centuries old, although modern authorities differ on dates: Kunz places the custom in eighteenth century Poland, while the Gemological Institute of America starts it in Germany in the 1560s.

Each stone has its own distinct feature and helps you control a different power. Where Right hand is for the solar remedies, the left hand is for the effects the lunar energies. Proper channelization of these energies helps one to attain a better control over his/her life and

It is always advisable to wear the rings of different gems on different fingers. As a general rule, the ring finger is the best for wearing rings, but as each finger is related to a particular planet, the ring should be worn on the finger connected with the planet.

Now you can either get this sort of energy channelizing by the means of your birth stone or just some other stone that defines these energies for you. Basically it’s our job to find out what ‘does’ it for you.

We at give you the opportunity and the platform to know about your gems, the ones that help you channelize your aura and energies and attain this importance, peace, prosperity and happiness. event

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