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sai baba 18 august

At one time Mr. Tarkhad had come to Shirdi, noon meals were ready and plates were being prepared while at the same time a dog came there and began to bark. Mrs. Tarkhad stood quickly and she threw a piece of chapati for the dog. The dog ate it with taste. At evening when she sat in a mosque, Baba asked her :-Mother! Today you fed me with great pleasure, hungry soul got satisfied. Always keep doing so, some time you will really have a reward for it. Sitting in this mosque I will never tell a lie . Always favor me like this. Feed the hungry first and then take your milk. She could not understand the meaning of the words of the Baba , so she questioned :- How can i feed others? I am myself depend on  others and i pay them for the meal. Baba began to say : by accepting that chapati my soul became satisfied and till now i am belching . Before taking the meal the dog you saw and whom you gave a piece of chapati, actually that is my own form. I am wondering in these type of forms . One who visualize me in these living beings he is very dear to me, therefore forgetting duality or discrimination you keep me serving. She became compassionate to accept this nectar preaching and her eyes became wet, throat choked and her pleasure new no bounds.

⚜Sai Baba’s preachings to Brahmgyan desirous⚜

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Till you do not become free from greed and jealousy, till then you can not understand the true shape of Brahm.sai baba 11 aug

Once a rich man, when he heard the fame of Baba, he decided to acquire Brahmgyan   from Baba. He went to the Shirdi and after the sight of Baba ,he fell on his feet and prayed that you give  Brahmdharshan in short time , then Baba told :- My dear friend ! Don’t be so impatient .I will show you Brahm very soon. My all transactions are in cash, and I never deal in credit. For this reason many people come to me for fulfilling their desires of acquiring wealth,health ,power fame, post, and many other things .for learning the Brahmgyan to the person , Baba called a child and told him to borrow  5 rupees from the trader. After returning   the child said that there is no trace of him and his house is locked. Again Baba sent him to another trader. This time also the child could not be successful to bring the money.  By repeating their experiment for two-three times the result remained the same.

When Baba was sending the child impatiently here and there for borrowing rupees 5, then rich man could not courage to lend rupees 5, and anxiously told Baba that O Baba  ! Kindly give me Brahmgyan very soon. Baba replied , that O My dear friend! Did u understand anything from this drama? I was trying to make you the sight of brahm,  In short the meaning is that to have the sight of Brahm one have to leave five things ,

  • Panch Pran (five vital airs)
  • Panch Indriyan (five senses)
  • Man (mind)
  • Buddhi (wisdom)
  • Ahankar (ego)

This is Brahmgyan.  and Baba told to gentleman ! you have a Brahm in your pocket in the form of 50 times off rupees 5, please kindly get it out. He took out the   bundle of notes, after counting rich man were surprised to see that there were 25 notes of rupees 10 .Seeing this omnipresence of Baba , he became compassionate, falling upon the feet of Baba requested to bless him.

After having the blessings of Baba, rich man returned to their house with pleasure and satisfaction.


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sai pic 21july2016

Sai Baba tales: Shri Ram darshan

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Sai baba shri ram darshan

Once an Administrator (Mamlatdar) came to Shirdi along with his doctor friend. The doctor being a believer of Lord Shri Ram was reluctant to visit Shirdi. He didn’t want to bow his head in front of a Muslim. Finally he was convinced by the Mamlatdar that nobody will compel him to bow in front of Sai Baba.

When they reached Shirdi and met Sai Baba, the doctor immediately worshiped the feet of Sai Baba and his friend was astonished at seeing the sight. Everybody asked the doctor about his change in decision and why he prostrated before the Muslim- Sai Baba. The doctor said that in the place of Baba he saw his adorned God Shri Ram. While telling the incident he again saw Sai Baba as an avatar of Lord Rama. He said, “How can he be a Muslim? O! He is absolute Yog incarnation”.

His faith on Sai Baba became complete and he began fasting. He promised that until Baba will call himself and bless him, he will not go to the mosque. Three days passed by but he was not called. On the fourth day one of his friends from Khandesh came to Shirdi; they both went to the mosque to see Sai Baba. After salutation Sai Baba asked the doctor, who took the pains to call you? How did you come over here? Hearing his question he became compassionate as Baba had came to bless him a night before. The doctor had the feeling of rejoice and he was blessed by Sai.

Sai Baba Tales: Remover of Trouble

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Sai baba remover of troubles

One day during the evening dark and dense clouds were overcast on Shirdi. The wind was blowing and the clouds were roaring and sparkling with thunder. Torrential rain began and the water was evident everywhere. All the animals, birds and residents of Shirdi, became frightened and started to gather in the mosque. In spite of seeking help from all the other Gurus in Shirdi, none could come for help. Therefore, everybody requested Baba to do something and save them from the havoc of nature.

To allay the problem of devotees Sai Baba came out and looked towards the roaring clouds. He said them to calm down by pointing towards the clouds. After sometime the rain became slow and the storm calmed down. The moon was visible in the sky and all the people were happy to see the miracle of Baba. The faith of devotees in Sai baba grew stronger and they understood that He is the incarnation of God. One who bowed down and come to his shelter he will surely bless him. The sight of Sai Baba can grant all the wishes and consequently help them to become desire less.