Discover your new opportunities: Varshphal 2016

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Beginnings come with new opportunities and bestows us a chance to choose the best for us. It opens new doors and windows to explore our potential and experiment with our capabilities. Like every year this year also came with immense happiness, blessings and choices. As a garden is incomplete without fragrant flowers and thorns; the new challenges will be accepted by us as adventure on the path of success.

Though our attitude and karmas decides our destiny yet awareness about the coming challenges helps us to be prepared in the preparatory stage. Appropriate steps taken before hand keep us calm and stable during the course of actual challenge. Thus Varshphal provides us a way to keep track of all the coming happening in our life and utilise each and every opportunity.

Varshphal is an absolutely calculative and scientific method based on your planetary positions and its effect on your life. It includes a detailed analysis of predicting the future happenings depending on the past karmas and present planetary position. In the Indian Vedic Astrology, Varshphal is constructed for a year when the Sun returns to same sign and degree as that of its natal position. This varshphal is then deciphered to forecast the expected happenings & changes in that year.

Just by providing the basic birth details a birth chart is prepared along with the present dashas and antar dashas. A calculative analysis is done by the expert astrologers and provides you with the understanding about this New Year along with appropriate remedial measures. The reality sure can’t be changed, but the suffering can surely be reduced.


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Time for Blessings for Nepal Earthquake Victims!

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shubhpuja.comThe point when man becomes helpless in front of fate, where no definite answers and reasons can be obtained is the recent occurrence of Nepal earthquake disaster. The massive earthquake of 7.9 magnitude devastated the capital on Saturday, 25th April and again on 26th of about 6.7 magnitude on Richter scale. Besides Nepal, the tremors were also felt in Delhi, Lucknow, Kolakata, Jaipur and other parts of North India. More than 3,600 people have been confirmed dead, the Associated Press reported and about tens of thousands have been left homeless.

Emergency Relief Work:

The condition lead to its people searching for their lost beloved ones, collecting their belongings from the rubble and struggling hard to fulfil the basic needs. The emergency created an environment of blessings and relief from around the world, where everybody is trying to contribute on their part. From medical aid, to sanitation and hygiene material to food and fuel, the major world-wide agencies like Ameri Cares, CARE, Catholic Relief Services, Direct Relief, Global Giving, Save the Children and The Seva Foundation; have provided the emergency relief to the victims of this tragedy. UNICEF is also conducting a rapid assessment of needs and providing special aid to children. Even the U.S. Embassy in Nepal announced $1 million as initial aid along with Italy’s Foreign Ministry and French President Francois Hollande, made emergency aid available.

Causes of Earthquake:

Considering from the scientific to religious purviews, various causes and reasons have been associated with the occurrence of the natural disaster. From the Geological Experts perspective, ‘the collision between two tectonic plates of India and Eurasia beneath the Himalayas along a fault line created friction that generated energy for the crust to rupture’. Such a severe magnitude was observed 81 years before, in 1934.

As per the diverse theories of Hindus and Buddhists, some blame it upon the theory of Karmas whereas others say that such causal contingencies just happen with no relation to cosmic rhyme.

So be it anything, the disaster is an alarm for all of us to get together and help each other, in whatever way possible. Along with material aid, the Blessings are also required as more than anything the true hearty blessings heal every problem. Even reverend Pope Francis and Dalai Lama expressed their condolence and invoked divine blessings from Almighty. No matter from which ever faith or religion you belong, just spare out some time and pray for the safety and security of those people.

Shubhpuja also express their deep condolence for the tragedy and prays for the security and happiness of the victims.

Arjuna was in win-win situation: 10 facts that made Arjuna a perfect character!

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shubhpuja.comA story becomes a great epic only because of its characters and their peculiar traits, which leaves the footprints on the sand of time and stays eternal forever. The portrayal of niche thinking, complexities and determination of attaining fame; better explained through the phrase ‘Everything is fair in love and war’ and yea it was definitely ‘The War’. The great epic, Mahabharata marks the beginning of egocentric, shrewd and all other negative sides of human nature with a tint of humanity.

Though every character justified with their specific roles, yet the hero is only one and probably ‘Arjuna’, the middle one out of the five Pandavas warriors out shined as a true hero. I am not saying that ‘Arjuna’ was a perfect character but in spite of his own complexities or as per the plot of the story, he was usually in a win-win situation.

#A grand celebration was performed at Arjuna’s birth and Lord Indra was gratified by the success stories of his son and called himself a proud father of Arjuna.

#Arjuna was focussed and perspicuous about his goals and he earned his success by working hard. He practised to shoot an arrow in darkness as well as by hearing the minute audible sounds.

#Arjuna remained in the priority wish list of Bheeshma and Dronacharya forever. Both the talented warriors supported him and even opted for inappropriate actions to prove his excellence.

#Karan being an equally capable warrior as Arjuna, could never flourish because of his karmas and favouring the wrong doers i.e. Duryodhan; which indirectly lead Arjuna to excel.

#Arjuna’s feelings for his beloved Draupadi were true but sharing his wife with the other four was not his idea. Yet he abided his mother and accepted the truth.

#In spite of any complex situation, Arjuna bestowed full faith upon his soul mate- Lord Krishna and received his hearty blessings as a devotee and follower.

#At one point, Arjuna had to raise his sword to kill his dear brother Yudhistra, as per his oath. Yet Arjuna could not accept his own deed of disrespecting his brother and paid for his sin.

#The moral code and empathetic attitude of Arjuna, made him receive laurels and blessings from all his relations.

#Till the end, Arjuna had a soft corner towards Karan and respected him as a brave competitor. Only to abide by his master’s wish, Arjuna had to shoot an arrow on Karan.

#In spite of an opportunity of choosing the great army of 10,000 warriors, Arjuna remained firm with his decision of choosing Lord Krishna. The success of Arjuna was sure shot, since he preferred to sit near his master’s feet rather that near his head like Duryodhan.

The enlightening journey of Arjuna in holy Bhagvad Gita is an epitome of his successful and perfect character and proves my above statement judiciously.

Contributed By: Meenakshi Ahuja

How is Pitra Dosh formed?

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As per the birth chart, the 9th house is the house of manes and fathers which is also the house of progress, promotion and spirituality. When the ninth house is under the influence of malefic planets such as Sun, Mars, Saturn or-Rahu and Ketu, who are mostly malefic for all ‘lagnas’. Particularly, if a conjunction occurs between Sun and the malefic planet Rahu in the ninth house, then ‘pitra dosh’ is formed.

How to identify the presence of Pitra dosh?

Fault in our stars, is not alone to be blamed as our actions decide our destiny. Man has to pay his debt, knowingly or unknowingly as nobody is spared in the court of ‘Karmas’. At extreme situations, when ball is not in our court then we try to figure out for the solutions as lack of awareness had darkened our conscious. Unfavourable influence of pitra dosh can lead to disruptions in the various sects of daily life.

  • Married couple experience complications in the birth of a baby or even miscarriage ashubhpuja.comnd various other issues related to child birth.
  • New born baby suffers from genetic diseases or possess physical deformities.
  • Constant arguments among family members and lack of peace and happiness among relationships.
  • The professional or career life is also hampered and our continuous efforts go in vain.
  • Delay in marriages or disturbed love life.
  • Scarcity in resources and continuous financial debts.
  • Money is squandered on court cases and medical expenses.
  • Unstable mind and lack of sound sleep. Dreams about snakes or ancestors demanding material possessions may also be observed.

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