Horary Astrology & its Effectiveness

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Ancient branch of horoscopic astrology of India by which an astrologer attempts to answer a question by constructing a horoscope for that exact time is known as Horary Astrology.

Horary astrology has been practiced for centuries in India known as Prasna Shastra. It is a branch of Vedic astrology which is still widely used across the Indian subcontinent.

Horary astrology has its own strict system. The position of and aspects to the moon are of prime importance. The person asking the question is represented by the ruler of the sign the first house cusp falls on in the horoscope.

The more advanced form is the Astamangalam Prasna and Deva Prasna methods of Kerala. The state of Kerala, in India, is famous even today for its traditional use of horary astrology.

Houses play a more crucial role in this branch of astrology than any other. Any house system preferred by the astrologer may be used, but commonly horary astrologers choose to divide the chart using the Regiomontanus house system. Profound understanding of the correct house for the context of the question is pivotal to the correct interpretation of any horary question. These houses may gain extra meaning by the way of ‘turning the chart’. The interpretations and vidya of the pandit is then used to find the answer.

Fundamental to horary astrology is the concept of planetary dignity and reception. Dignity comes in two forms, essential and accidentalEssential refers to the quality of a planet at a particular degree of the zodiac and its ability to express its true/good nature. 

The answer to the horary question might be a simple yes or no, but is generally much more complex, for example, the motives of the questioner, the motives of others involved in the matter, and the options available to them.

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