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10 unknown facts about the Victory Festival-Dussehra

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Dussehra, as the name suggests is the tenth day of the Navratras of month of Sharad i.e. September-October and hence, marks the portion of the year when the sun relaxes the earth from it’s scorching rays and cold winds start wrapping the atmosphere of the Northern Hemisphere.

How to celebrate Dussehra

In the evening, one must offer prayers to Ram darbar and one must offer bhoga to them. One must collect the burnt wood from the effigies and store them in the house to ensure peace.

It is celebrated every year since time immemorial by burning the effigies of Ravana, Meghanada and Kumbhakarna, the three demons who performed great austeriries to please the Lord.

But there are some facts about Dussehra which are still unknown to us.

  1. Srimati Sita Devi never went away with Ravana. No one can touch her since she is the eternal consort of Lord Ramchandra. In her disguise, Agni went to Ravana’s Lanka
  2.  It was Agni Sita who sat on the tail of Sri Hanumanji and burnt the whole Lanka instead of Hanumanji.
  3. Ravana and Kumbhakarna were actually the two gatekeepers of Lord Sri Hari namely, Jaya and Vijaya who took the form of enemies of Lord to assist him in his past times.
  4. Despite Lord Ramchandra knew about Amrit Kalash, still Ravana was invincible. Lord Ram chanted Aditya Hridaya strota to get the power to kill Ravana.
  5. Jambavant who appeared in Ramayana lived long to meet the next form of Lord Krishna, he himself. He presented to him, his daughter, Jamvanti.
  6. Though Sri Hanuman was a strict celibate, still a female alligator bore progeny out of his sweat drop.
  7. Ramayana was completed before the happenings of the actual Ramayana. But Mahrishi Valmiki never disclosed it to anyone.
  8. Out of 1 Lakh sons and 1.25 lakh grandsons, no one remained. Ravana had all of the them killed in the wat
  9. Sri Lanka is the only place where the idols of Ravana are worshipped.
  10. It is a traditional custom to bring the burnt logs of wood of Ravana to kept in home. It ensures peace.

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The shraddh performed for higher intelligence- Dashmi Shradhh

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The month of Ashwin comes along with the 15 days period of Pitra Paksha or the fortnight of the remembrance of the deceased people who have parted from us by the immanent will of the Supreme Lord Sri Hari.

As per the authority of scriptures, the ancestors visit the place of residence on earth with their subtle bodies and hope for getting some foodstuffs and other things for their survival at the Pitraloka or the Bhuvarloka situated just above the Earth or Bhuloka.

The Dashmi shradhh is performed for the people who have passed away on the Dashmi tithi or the tenth day of a fortnight.

To check the tithi, click here

Dashmi tithi shraddh not only benefits the forefathers but also the performer of the Shraddh.  It makes the person reach higher levels on intelligence, increases concentration power and lets a person become victorious.

The timings of Shraddh are:

Kutup (कुतुप) Muhurat = 11:48 to 12:36
Duration = 0 Hours 47 Mins
Rohina (रौहिण) Muhurat = 12:36 to 13:23
Duration = 0 Hours 47 Mins
Aparahna (अपराह्न) Kaal = 13:23 to 15:47
Duration = 2 Hours 23 Mins
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