Message of Shradh

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shubhpuja.comThe various rituals performed during Shradh or Pitru paksha are a way of seeking forgiveness from the departed souls. This can also be termed as a way to confess our guilt about the inefficiency to serve our elders. Also if knowingly or unknowingly we had performed actions of hurt or pain for them. Shradh is a period of introspection and overcoming our own weaknesses.

Scientifically we may say that our services in the form of food or pind daan may not be received directly by our ancestors; but our noble intentions for them are surely received. Our humility and love is transmitted to the souls and moreover in order to adore them, we feed the needy and poor people.

By offering charity and donations for the happiness of our ancestors, we make an effort to contribute something for the welfare of humanity. Thus this period of shradh is actually an eye opener where people contribute their time, effort, wealth and even love to those who need it, in the reflection of their dead ancestors.

Moreover performing fast during this period is purely a healthy act of rejuvenation. This reveals that shradh is purely an occasion of performing noble and humble acts, in honour of our loving departed souls.

Make a difference this Children’s Day!!

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shubhpuja.comWhen lots of gold coin candies made us the richest man or grabbing the swing during lunch break was the only prime issue, these memories are the best and worst times of our living. The fun filled beautiful moments made our toddler years perfect and now we are just left with fading memories imprinted on the sand of time. To relive those special moments every year, we celebrate the fun filled Children’s Day every year on 14th November.

Apart from the usual grand party celebration at home or the cultural celebration and interesting events at school, try something new and different this year to spread the smile of happiness among the under privileged section of the society.

  • Donate the funds collected for party to an orphanage or shelter home and experience the true joy of happiness by bringing smiles on their face.
  • Organize a fun celebration at shelter homes for children and make them participate in unique activities like poetry, painting or dancing; this will make them feel special.
  • By donating clothes, books, toys, stationery and other such items to the downtrodden street children; as this will inculcate the value of sharing among your kids and being friendly with them.
  • By taking an initiative to sponsor the education of a needy child in your neighbour or for your helper’s kid can also be done.

These tiny efforts from your end will spread a spark of happiness in the entire world and will also enlighten the future foundation of this country by teaching them the act of sharing and helping others Make an oath to yourself this Children’s day that you will perform just one act of generosity and bring a smile on a tiny toddler’s face. If your children are also involved in this act of generosity then this will surely be a cherry on the top. Let the noble act of loving children by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru be carried forward by us and spread among generations to come.

Contributed By: Meenakshi Ahuja