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When we talk about the maharathis of the Mahabharata, Bhima was one of them. A giant Goliath like personality, Bhima was a valiant fighter and had slain many kauravas in the war of Mahabharata.

He was the second child of Kind Pandu and Maharani Kunti. Since the couple became practically barren due to the curse of Kindama Rishi, they decided to mitigate their grief by being dependent on the blessing of Durvasa rishi who blessed Kuntidevi in her juvenile age that she will be able to call any demigod by this mantra.

When Kuntidevi called Vayudeva, he gave him the son named Bhima or Bheemasena which means which has a formidable army. Bhima had got the prowess and strength of 10,000 elephants by eating a medicine which his maternal grandfather made for him.

He was trained by Dronacharya and Kripacharya to be a expert in Mace fighting, hence known as Gadadhara. He is also known as Vrikkodara i.e. having a voracious appetite.

His stomach has a special type of agni burning and it is so violent that he needs huge quantity of food to settle it down. Sometimes, he would be eating food that the 4 pandavas required to eat and still remain unsatisfied.

He as blessed by his grandfather Vyasadeva to fast for only once a year to atone for his sins. By his grace, the Pandava Nirjala Ekadashi was blessed by the Lord to be able to render the sins burned to ashes  by once fasting on it and is sufficient for the whole year.

He was married to  Hidimbi demon, sister of Hidamba demon and had a son through her, Ghatotkacha.

☣ How did the Lord Hanuman reduce the arrogance of Bhima? ☣

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23 aug hanumanLord Hanuman and Bhima (one of the Pandava brothers) are believed to be the son of Lord Vayu. Bhima took much pride in his physical strength and considered everyone below him. Once during the exile, Hanuman posed before Bhima as an old and frail monkey who was blocking his path. As he was tired, the monkey asked Bhima to remove his tail. Though amused at the request, Bhima went ahead to lift his tail. He tried with all his might but was unable to move the tail even by an inch. Realizing his folly, Bhima apologized to the monkey upon which Hanuman revealed his true identity and just like that lord Hanuman reduced the arrogance of Bhima.