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Our founder Saumya Vardhan;s interview has been covered by .

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Shubhpuja on Voice of America

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Voice of America feature covered and our founder Saumya Vardhan’s interview.

The article talks about as an example of reverse brain drain trend and opportunities in India after Sunder Pichai was announced as CEO of Google.

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Shubhpuja on Polka Cafe

Posted on and our founder Saumya Vardhan was covered in a feature story on Polka Cafe, as one of the leading ladies in the list of top Indian ‘Start-Up Queens’ who will inspire others to take the entrepreneurial plunge.

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Hindustan Times feature covering

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Shubhpuja was covered in the Hindustan Times feature.

“I started the portal last year after watching a friend’s mother struggle to arrange for the last rites for her husband,” says Saumya Vardhan, of, who now plans to expand into last-rites travel packages too. “In a time of grief, I wanted to offer a service that would guarantee timely and stress-free rituals at a fixed rate, accessible with utmost convenience.”

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Ray of Hope: Shankh or Conch

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shubhpuja.comThe beginning of propitious celebration is incomplete without the soothing tune of the conch or shankh. The trumpet sounds so peaceful to the ears and is purely a sign of brilliant and auspicious beginning. In Indian mythology, God Vishnu, the God of Preservation, is shown with a shankh in one hand and a chakra in the other. The shankh symbolizes positivity over negativity and it is blown as a ray of hope. During puja, shankh is also used as a container of holy water.

  • Shankh is considered as one of the most auspicious objects that emerged from the sea during the Sagara Samudra Manthan.
  • Whenever conch shell is blown, it is said to eliminate the evil effects and purify the environment.
  • The natural vibration or cosmic energy of the Earth gets magnified on entering the conch shell, which can be heard as the gentle humming sound of ocean.
  • When the conch is blown, the sound emanated from it is a symbol of creation, as it contains the five elements of nature
  • The vibration from the conch has the power to heal the ozone hole in the ozone layer, a major cause of global warming.
  • The positive vibrations enhance the positive feelings around like courage, willpower, determination, hope and love.
  • By blowing the shankh the frequencies consisting raja–tama particles are destroyed and at the same time the saviour and destroyer principle of a deity is awakened.
  • Shankh is a sign of good luck, wealth and prosperity for the inmates of the house as it keeps the negative energies away.
  • While performing Lakshmi Puja, conch shell is filled with milk and then it is poured over the idol. Water collected in shankh is offered while worshipping sun.

Astrological Remedies and Solutions

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The planetary positions determine the strength and weakness of the horoscope and how the planets influence the directions and sub-directions in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Doasha represents a flaw in particular direction and a corresponding fault in the vibrations of a particular planet. The remedial measure in such cases aims to enhance the positivity of a planet and reduces the malefic effects, to attain harmony and balance with the natural force.

Sphatik or quartz crystals and crystal beads have their own importance as purifier or  during meditative chanting. Because of the silica base, Quartz crystals have a very stable energy and a very precise and regular frequency. The immaculate structure responds to energies such as light, heat, sound, bio-electricity, and even waves. So the crystals are considered valuable due to their ability to respond to the thought waves and bio-electric energies; which helps in rebalancing the body and various troublesome situations in life. Charged crystal sets up a powerful energy field which encourages the person’s own subtle to    vibrate at finer frequencies and clean away the dense negative vibrations. Another  effective  remedy is of crystal charged with Reiki. It is most effective to remove Vastu dosha.



Any mantra associated with a specific planet adds its vibrations to the lost portion of the aura to attain cosmic balance in human body and mind. The various bad effects of a faulty direction can be removed by chanting the mantra of the planet governing that direction. Mantra is the key to access certain functions or programmes of your brain for performing a shubhpuja.comspecific task, such as harmonising labour relations, improving your cash flow, opening new product lines, attracting new clients, etc. The effectiveness of the mantra depends on the correct pronunciation too. Sound energy generated by chanting of mantras correctly and with correct pronunciation imparts a specific rhythm to the atmospheric atoms, for   charging the creative energies of the entire space.

A yantra is a symbol or diagram that eliminates the harmful effects in its vicinity. By chanting of beej mantras, performing havans and other rituals, the yantra go through a series of purification and energising processes which make them potent to ward off negative vibrations in the surroundings. Specific Vastu yantras propitiating Vastu purush with mantras of Vastu shanti can be used or Nav Grih Vastu yantras for specific directional faults can also be used as per the direction wise classification of the planets. Other yantras like bagula mukhi yantra, matsya yantra, kanakdhara yantra, shri yantra and kuber yantra can be used to dispel Vastu faults as well as usher in wealth and prosperity in home, business, shop, office or factory.


Conatct for personal consultation and, yantra and crystals.

Why not to place our head to the North while sleeping?

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shubhpuja.comWe are usually recommended not to sleep with head in north direction due to many scientific, medical and even religious reasons; yet most of us don’t notice this fact while dozing off to sleep. Not to scare you, but one wrong habit can also lead to hemorrhages in their brain. Let’s discuss the reasons of why not to prefer north direction.

  • Similar to the earth magnetic field, our body also has magnetic fields i.e. our head is north and feet are the south. As similar poles repel each other, so the magnetic pull causes pressure on our brain.
  • The horizontal body position can drop the pulse rate and cause damage in the head.
  • The increased circulation of blood flow due to this position causes agitation, frustration and other major troubles with age.
  • To avoid sleeplessness, headache, nausea, disturbed blood circulation and digestion problems.
  • South is also considered as a direction of negativity and also associated with God of death, thus it tends to bring misfortune or bad luck.


So sleeping in East or North-east direction is considered the best while facing on right side. The digestion and metabolic activity is maintained while sleeping. If you get up in the morning rolling to left side, it applies pressure on the cardiac system as the body is already in state of relaxation.