Gauri Shankar Puja for Marital Disputes

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gauri-shankar-puja   What all do we expect from our life partners? It is nothing more than understanding, love, compassion, & care. But if unfortunately this doesn’t happen then marriages lead to separation & divorces.

These days most people are facing such marital disputes in their day to day lives. Due to stress & work pressure, these disputes aggravate so much that partners lose the ability to have a peaceful life.

If you are facing marital problems that are worsening with time, then we would suggest that you opt for Gauri Shankar Puja. This puja will restore peace and love in your marriage.

What is Gauri Shankar Puja?

Lord Shiva and Parvati Ji are the perfect epitome of a married couple, seeking their blessings for marital issues is an effective solution. Their eternal love for each other symbolise the ever-lasting bond of marriage. This puja resolves all the obstacles from your married life and showers peace and prosperity in your relationship.


The magical impact of Gauri Shankar puja was evident during the time of Lord Rama. Mata Sita performed this puja to receive the idol Shree Rama as her consort.

Benefits of the puja:

To regain back your positivity and maintain your relationships.

  • To prevent unnecessary fights and arguments in your family.
  • To protect your relationship from evil energies like anger, greed, lust and selfishness.
  • To bring back your lost love in life.

This is how we perform this puja

This puja is a performed like a ceremony for removing all the worries about your married life. Our highly educated Vedic scholars perform the rituals.

The ceremony begins by worshipping to Lord Ganesha and chanting “Shree Ganeshaaya Namaha”. The partners should be dressed in yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mat facing north. Yellow flowers, rice grains and Gauri Shanker Rudraksh are offered to the idol of Shiv and Parvati Ji.

Partners are required to pray to them with complete faith and seek their blessings for a peaceful marital life by chanting the mantra.

ll Om Bhavani Gaurie Pati Sukh Saubhagyam Dehi Dehi Shiv Shaktiyee Namah ll

Some key aspects of Gauri Shankar Puja are:


  •  The Gauri Shankar Puja should be performed on a Friday and during morning hours
  •  The devotee should wear clean clothes after taking a bath, preferably yellow.
  •  Puja should be done by facing north direction only.

It is always a good idea to take blessings of Shankar ji & Parvati in every phase of life, good or bad.

Our puja resolves all the disputes immediately and develops love & respect for each other.







Gayatri Mantra- Meaning, Power & Benefits

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ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः तत्सवी- तुवरण्यम
भर- ्गो देवसयाह धीमही
धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्-

Gayatri Mantra has been chronicled in The Rig Veda which was written in Sanskrit some 3500 years ago. The ancient Hindu scriptures reveal that Sage Vishwamitra was given this mantra as a gift for his years of penance and austerities that he performed. However, it is believed that this mantra has been chanted long before it was recorded in the text.4a4eaaaa9e50d458e263b855d9417f11

It is an intense and deep prayer to the Supreme power, which can be used universally by anyone. There is no caste, no race, no gender, no colour before this mantra, all are equal and all are one. While reciting this mantra what really matters is your dedication, faith and belief.

Gayatri Mantra invokes and inspires wisdom in us. In simpler terms it means – “May the divine light of the Supreme power enlighten our understanding, and lead us along a path of virtue”.

The Vedas state, this mantra purifies the chanter and the listener. However, there is much more to this beautiful mantra than purification, it opens our heart and expands our horizon. It also opens new opportunities for us.

It is very important to chant the Gayatri Mantra with perfect pronunciation or else the meaning of the prayer is lost, and we are unable to connect with our soul. There should be intensity and deep reverence in your intent of chanting the mantra.

This mantra is made up of 24 syllables that have both a psychological and physiological effect on our body. The benefits are endless but here are few benefits of chanting the Gayatri Mantra for good health.

  1. Calms the mind: The chant of the mantra starts with Om, which sends vibrations to your mind through your lips, tongue, and skull and helps in the release of relaxing hormones which calms your mind.

 2. Improves immunity: The vibrations stimulate our chakras and the hypothalamus – the gland that is responsible for functioning of immunity and release of happy hormones. Thereby, making our body happier and building a stronger immunity.

  1. Increases concentration and learning: A study reveals that those who chant this mantra have better concentration and memory. This is because when you chant the Gayatri Mantra the resulting vibration activates the three chakras that are present on our face and head — namely the third eye, throat and crown chakras. These chakras help in improving concentration as they are directly related to the brain.Capture

 4. Improves our breathing: Chanting this mantra requires taking deep controlled breaths which improves our lung function and breathing.

 5.Helps beat the stress & depression: regular chanting of the mantra helps to keep the stress at bay. It stimulates the vagus nerve, which aids in the treatment of depression and epilepsy. It also helps in the release of endorphins and other relaxing hormones, which keep depression away.

 6.Relieves the symptoms of asthma: While chanting the mantra, one is required to breathe in deep and hold their breath for a short period of time. This helps strengthen the lungs and can serve as an enhanced therapy for asthma.

 Shubhpuja offers Gayatri Jap yagna which is very powerful and it saves us from every problem in life and keeps away the evil influences. It enlightens us and brings success and glory in our life.

Importance of Puja Samagri in offering prayers

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Religious rituals are incomplete without the help of some specific substances called the Puja Samagri. These are necessary in offering prayers to God. These items not only help in the religious rituals but also act as an important link in seeking the grace of God through the medium of religious rituals                                           .shpj362-Shubhpuja-Shivratri-Puja-Kit-min-1

It is important to understand the spiritual importance of each item present in the Puja Samagri, as it enhances the spiritual emotion towards the ritual being performed. The items present in the list are flowers, vermilion, turmeric, sandalwood paste, betel nut, akshatā, coconut, panchakhadya, camphor, incense sticks, basil etc. Let us learn in detail the importance of each of them.

  1. Water of the seven Holy Rivers: namely, Ganga, Godavari, Narmada, Kaveri, Krushna, Brahmaputra, and Yamuna are considered holy rivers. Water from any one of these rivers is used for performing the abhishek of god, as they transit the sound frequencies of their speed & expanse in the environment, which purifies the atmosphere of the area where puja is being performed.
  2. Turmeric and Vermilion: turmeric being a root has the frequencies of earth in it and Vermilion is prepared from turmeric. These two are offered to the deities, so the worshipper also benefits from the frequencies of earth in them, as well as from the frequencies of gods.
  3. Sandalwood Gandha: when gandha is applied to the midbrow region of the deity the Surya nadi is activated, which also activates the person performing the rituals.
  4. Akshatā (Energised rice): has the ability to attract the frequencies of the five gods in the universe (Ganapati, Durgadevi, Shiva, Shri Ram & Shri Krishna), to activate them, akshatā is sprinkled on every component used in the ritual.
  5. Betel Leaf & Betel nut: Betel leaf has the ability to attract frequencies of the earth and the Brahma region that is why it is used as a link in connecting the two regions.

    Betel nut is a perfect blend of particles of the Earth & Water; it serves as the chief        medium for the exchange of frequencies between a deity and the follower.

  1. Coconut: is the most auspicious fruit, and has the ability to attract generous (Divine) frequencies.
  2. Panchkhadya (5 fruits and a piece of solid turmeric): are used in the puja since they represent the five cosmic elements which are required for offering the ritual
  3. Flowers: with their fragrance, attract the attention of the deities.
  4. Incense stick: has the ability to absorb the subtle fragrance emitted by the deities. When incense sticks are lit, the fragrance attracted from the deities is also emitted along with its own fragrance.
  5. Camphor: The scent generated by burning camphor has the ability to attract messengers of lord Shiva. These messengers keep the negative energies in the premises under control.
  6. Basil: leaves are considered pure & they make the surroundings sacred. That is why it is advised to keep a basil plant at home.

Before commencing, the rituals it is important to arrange these items in a thali, based on the level of five cosmic elements. This arrangement balances & coordinates the cosmic elements that are active in the universe, helping them to provide their followers with the maximum benefit of the puja performed.

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Hanuman Jayanti is the pious day on which Sri Hanuman descended on earth in order to serve the purpose of his eternal master, Lord Ram. He, being an unalloyed devotee of Sri Ram is revered by all Ram bhakts.

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6 Unbelievable Traits of Aries – The First Fire Sign

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Aries is the


first fire sign in the zodiac and the Best one liner to define them

Extreme of all emotions! These individuals do have some essence to their character that you might find very interesting. Characteristics of Arians are really unusual and unlike something you’ve ever got to witness with other people. If you want to know about the traits of people are born in April, then take a read in the article below:

  1. They are very independent and won’t back down easily. They live life with a passion : Most people who have their birthdays in April are very independent. They venture out and are go-getters, often leading the way. Their upbeat and magnetic personality often entices others to follow their lead because their personalities bring excitement into others lives. They prefer to make their own money and work hard to have anything they want or need in life. Arians are born leaders that know how to take charge. These individuals have a stubborn side that doesn’t back down easily. If you’re thinking about challenging them then you better bring your A-game because they won’t be taken down easily. They are very energetic. They live life passionately.
  1. They are sensitive. They follow their heart, but take their brain along with them! : Arians are very particular about things around them. Underneath the strong, independent exterior of an April born lies a soft inside that may hold heavy insecurities. When their heart is broken they can be overcome by every emotion from sadness to rage and they can take a long time before they are able to fully ‘move on’ from a relationship. They’re neither too mechanical nor too emotional. They know when to listen to their heart and when to listen to their brain.


  1. They aren’t afraid to take bold chances and love to travel : People born in April are not afraid to deal with problems and obstacles. They are not afraid to try new things and face the difficulties in life. They are not afraid to speak up – they always say what they think and it sometimes causes them many troubles. While many people stay away from dangerous situation, April born people are always ready to cope with them no matter what. When shit gets real they don’t buckle under pressure or run away. They rise to the challenge and tackle things head on.

April born individuals are very adventurous. The April born’s outgoing and friendly manner is often welcomed in social situations, and they typically have a wide selection of friends who welcome their enthusiasm.


  1. They love to look for information : April born people are not just a passionate bunch, they tend to be extremely curious. They like to get beyond the surface and find out just what it is that makes things tick. They are never satisfied with a ‘just is’answer, and they never mind investing the time to discover what’s behind whatever it is they are curious about, whether that means reading, experiencing, following, or dissecting – they are all in. There curious nature just won’t leave things as they are. Most of them are crazy intuitive and are often able to read your character and intentions like a book. They can get a good read on a person within minutes of meeting them and are able to instinctively pick up on things that everyone else in the room misses.
  2. They can be impatient and don’t like to be kept waiting : Impatience is the root of all their problems. They can be incredibly impatient sometimes and they get frustrated when they feel like others are constantly slowing them down. They have a restless personality and are always on the go. If you can’t keep up with them they will find someone who can.


  1. Friendships mean a lot to them. They are reliable and the ones that you want to have around when the shit hits the fan : People born in April are real gems when it comes to friendship. Although they have in numerous friends around, they manage to have their own unique reputation among all of them in a strong way. They take friendship very seriously and do care for it. The loyal friends are an asset for others. The majority of the times they remain friends forever. When you’re a friend of an April born individual, you can be sure that they will have your back no matter what. They’re the types of people that will stay by your site even when things get messy willing to‘ride or die’with you till the end. April born individuals are the most trustworthy people you ever meet. Sometimes you just need that one ultra dependable and reliable friend that you always know that you can count on no matter what. They’ll never disappear just because things get a bit rough and they will often swoop in to save the day when they see their loved ones in trouble.

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