Why do Hindus observe Shraadh?

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Every year Hindus across India observe the Shraadh or Pitru Paksha period that is observed for sixteen (16) dapitra-paksha-shraddhays during the autumn months of September and October . Religious scriptures say that the Pitru Paksha period is observed to pay respects and homage to the ancestors. This period is also referred to as the ‘Mourning Period’.

Pitru Paksha begins on the last full moon day of the Hindu calendar month of Bhadrapad. During these 16 days, Hindus perform pind puja, known as ‘Shraad’ for their ancestors.

The day of the Shraadh is usually decided by the Pandit or priest according to the date of the death anniversary of the ancestor for whom the Shraadh has to be performed. Pooja is conducted in the house; special satvik bhojan is prepared to honor the soul of the dead.

The bhojan or the prasad is then fed to animals like crows, dogs, and cats as it is said that ancestors usually visit their homes in the form of these animals.

How & When to perform Shraadh                                       421x0xlandscapedos-and-donts-for-shradh-5603b1974cf29

Shraadh or Pitri puja is performed on the day the ancestors died and also on Chaturdashi, which is the 14th day. Our ancestors become happy about conducting Shraadh puja on these two days. The puja should be offered secretly or else it is not accepted by the ancestors.


  1. Use Cow Milk, Curd & Ghee

In this ritual, the milk, curd (yogurt) or ghee (clarified butter) should be of a cow only.

  1. Offer food in Silver utensils

The use of silver utensils is considered as auspicious, as it keeps away negativity. It gives a feeling of satisfaction to the ancestors when they are offered food in it.  It is also good for donating to the pandit or Brahmin who performs this ritual.

  1. Always offer food with both your hands

While offering bhojan to the pandits hold the utensils & dishes with both your hands.  It is believed that holding with one hand doesn’t reach the ancestors & is snatched away by evil forces.

  1. Brahmins should consume food in silence

It is believed that our ancestors (pitra) enjoy food through these Shraadh Brahmins only when they keep quiet and concentrate on eating without praising food quality.


  1. Never refuse water or food to anyone, even if it’s a stranger

Our ancestors generally visit our house during the Pitru Paksha period that is why in this period & otherwise as well never refuse water or food to anyone visiting your house.

  1. Don’t hurt animals such as cows, dogs, cats and crows Ancestors-1-1024x683

These animals are offered the Pitru prasad after the Shraadh and this is the reason why Hindus are asked never to hurt them during the shradh period.

  1. Consumption of meat and its products

Our scriptures say that meat & meat products shouldn’t be consumed during this period. Instead, Pure satvik food should be consumed.

  1. Don’t cut your nails or shave

Since this is a mourning period, grooming activities like cutting nails, shaving the beard or cutting hair should be strictly prohibited.

  1. Buying new clothes, jewelry, car & property is avoided

This is done in order to pay respect to the dead.

Shraadh Puja by Shubhpuja

We perform a Yagna and provide blessings from a brahmin to the family who is performing this ritual.  After the puja food is offered as an offering as the means of compensation for any omissions made by us in keeping the ancestors happy.

We believe that every Hindu must observe this period with full devotion and respect so that our departed elders bless us.

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Raksha Bandhan History – All you would want to know about this festival

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In our country the festival of Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) has huge significance just like Diwali. It is celebrated to accentuate the bond of a sister and brother. The festival holds immense importance in Hinduism; Raksha Bandhan is made up of two words Raksha (Protection) & Bandhan (Relation).

On this day, a sister ties ‘Rakhi – a sacred thread’ around her brother’s wrist, while the brother takes an oath to protect his sister until death. He also vows to stand by her through thick & thin in life. The act of sister trying the thread around the brother’s wrist is a symbol of attachment & bond of the love the siblings share.

The History of Festival RAKSHA-BANDHAN-644x362.jpg

The history related to this festival dates back to Indian Mythological & Historical characters of:

  1. Shri Krishna and Draupadi (The wife of Pandavas)

The story goes on like this, On Makar Sakranti while handling sugarcane Krishna cut his finger, Rukmani sent a servant to get bandage. Draupadi who was there quickly tore a piece of cloth from her saree and tied it around Krishna’s finger. In return Krishna promised to help her in time of need.

  1. Yama and Yamuna

There is another legend behind this ritual, where Yamuna (the river) ties rakhi to Yama (the god of death). In return he granted her immortality. He was so moved by this gesture that he announced that any bother who gets a rakhi tied from his sister and promises to protect her, the brother will become immortal.

  1.  Santoshi Maa was born on this day

On Raksha Bandhan, when Lord Ganesha’s sister Manasa visits him to tie rakhi. On seeing this ritual his sons start insisting that they too want a sister. The kids were so adamant that he had to give in their demand. So, Ganesha created goddess Santoshi who emerged from the divine flames of his wives Riddhi & Siddhi.

4.    Roxana and Porus

Alexander’s wife Roxana sent a sacred thread to Porus asking him not to harm Alexander on the battle field, when Alexander invaded India. Honouring her request, Porus refuses to kill Alexander when he confronts him.

The stories are many and never ending, but the crux of all of them is that they emphasize on the love, respect and bond between a brother and a sister.

The relation typically doesn’t have to be a relation of blood; it can be born out of respect & honour.  In most of the stories we see that a woman looks up to a man as a brother in time of need and he in return promises to protect her dignity and honour.

In today’s time wish we could have such respectable relationships were a man respects a woman and her dignity rather than performing acts of molestation and rape.

At Shubhpuja, we perform pujas for special occasions like Karwa Chauth, Dussehra, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan etc…

The puja for Rakhi is for the long life and prosperity of the brother, in this puja Lord Ganesh, Shiva, Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped.

rakhi_1533458393On the day of Raksha Bandhan the sisters keeps a fast and it continues until she ties the rakhi on her brother’s wrist. The ritual begins with lighting a diya or earthen lamp which represents the fire deity and aarti is performed by the sister. Both brother & sister say a short prayer for each other’s well-being. Then the sister applied ‘tilak’ on the brother’s forehead, along with a potion of sweet (mithai) is fed by the sister to her brother & vice versa. Finally the rakhi is tied around the wrist of brother’s wrist. After this the brother hands over a gift to his sister(s).

The entire ceremony is very heart-warming and strengthens the bond of love. All sisters wait for an year to celebrate this festival.

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Vashikaran Puja – to bind your Loved One

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Image 3

When we hear the word ‘Vashikaran’ a negative thought related to black magic comes to our mind. In reality, Vashikaran Puja is a process to attract or bind someone’s mind in your favour or direction. It can also be used for attracting the attention of your spouse to resolve differences.

Vashikaran can be used as a tool to:Image 2

  • Attract love
  • Boost harmony in relationships
  • Enhance love between couples
  • Positively attract & influence others
  • To make yourself desirable and
  • To save or fix your relationship

This puja is a type of spell which helps you to bring the person you love in your life with the help of mantras, yantras & tantras. Vashikaran puja also helps in prosperity and success in your business, money and life. It helps you to concentrate the energy of your mind to influence your desired love towards you.Image 1.jpg

This is a process of mantra by which you can control anyone’s mind and make them do things as per your wish.

This ritual can be performed for various purposes like money, marriage, getting rid of a disease, grah kalesh etc..

 How Shubhpuja performs this ritual/puja:

Our experienced Vedic scholars perform this puja keeping in view the prescribed problem and mantra. We provide you personal guidance as there are varieties of Vashikaran techniques and mantras for them vary depending upon the issues you may face. So, the technique and the process vary from individual to individual.

Kamakhya Devi is worshipped during this puja and she blesses her devotees with immense grace to resolve their problems. The various kinds of vashikaran are:

  • Aakarshan Vashikaran
  • Sarwakarya siddhi Vashikaran
  • Mohini Vashikaran
  • Chandravajra Vashikaran and so on

All the procedures are carried out under the guidance of our Vedic experts or pundits; the puja is performed as per your suitability and it completely depends on your birth chart. It is absolutely safe to perform and assures effective and desired results.

Benefits of Wearing a Diamond

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Venus (Shukra) is the ruling planet of Diamond (Heera). Just like diamond Venus too is a beautiful planet in the solar system having its own bright light.

As per astrology, Venus signifies the desires of a human being, comforts and luxuries of life. A benefic Venus in the horoscope blesses a person with luxury, glamour, comforts, and pleasures. A person with strong venus also tends to have a happy marriage, is optimistic and has physical grace.

About Diamond

Diamond is a bright transparent coloured gemstone which is an extravagant representation of its ruling planet Venus. This gemstone is beautiful, radiant and is desired by all. A fine quality diamond reflects lights which displays the colour of the rainbow from all its eight facets. It is associated with nobility of character, buoyancy of thoughts, a wiser vision, peace & prosperity.

Associated Day: Friday
Ruling Planet: Venus
Related Month: March
Favourable Zodiac Sign: Taurus & Libra

Diamond is said to eradicate the various ill effects of the Shukra planet as well as a weak Shukra or a wrongly placed sun in the horoscope. It takes away sadness and gloom of the life and protects the individual from the ill energies.

Benefits of wearing a Diamond    Diamond

  • It enhances beauty, charisma, and magnetism of wearer
  •  Makes the wearer look & feel attractive
  •  Bring ‘Raj Yog’ to the wearer by pleasing its planet Venus
  •  Inspires the creativity by developing interest in writing, singing, acting etc..
  •  Enhances love bonding, romance, and sensuality
  •  Improves marriage relationship of the wearer
  •  Enables the wearers to meet challenges boldly in life
  •  Brings peace and serenity to the wearer
  •  Ensures the wearer’s victory over rivals and enemies

Purchase an authentic Diamond from Shubhpuja

 It is always advised to wear a pure gemstone or else the purpose of wearing it will be defeated. We at Shubhpuja understand your concern that is why we provide our customers with genuine quality products.

We directly deal with the gemstone manufactures and companies which extract the

raw gemstone and finish it to the final cut as per the demand of our customer.

Shubhpuja also provides you with the consultation of expert Acharyas and Pundits regarding weight and shape of the gemstone. Our expert pundits provide you with a practical step by step guide of the know-how’s of understanding of the gemstone and its wearing.

On our customer request we also energize the gemstone according to the Vedic shatsras with powerful mantras which give instant results to the wearer.

For the Pran Pratishtha of Diamond we follow these steps:

  •  Worshiping the Devi
  • Reciting Shree Sooktam/Devi Stuti/Durga Chalisa
  • Reciting the Shukra beeja mantra: ॐद्रांद्रीँद्रौंसहशुक्रायनमः
  • Donate clothes or dairy cream or curd to a lady on Friday
  • Fasting on Fridays
  • Also wearing a 9 Mukhi Rudraksha

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Sindhurmani Sarvbhouma Dashavatar Puja for Attainment of Leadership

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Vishnu Avtar1

From our childhood we have heard stories that god comes in human form to preserve the world from evil. Indeed, it is true as this has happened many times in the past. God always tries to maintain a balance between the good and the evil, when this balance tilts on the evil side and it becomes heavier, god has to appear on earth to restore the balance.

Lord Vishnu is said to have taken human form on earth on ten different occasions to save the world, and each time he has appeared in a different form. The stories of Vishnu’s incarnations, or the 10 avatars are mentioned in the Vishnu Puran. Out of the ten avatars in four of them he has appeared as an animal. His avatars progress from a fish/marine vertebrate, amphibious and land-based vertebrates, and then reach the human stage. In human form, Vishnu first appears as half-man & half-lion, then as a short man, a violent man, a peaceful man, a loving man, a meditative man and lastly as a mystical man.

  • In the form of a fish – the Matsya Avatar, he saved the sage Manu and the sacred Vedas from a great flood.
  •  Vishnu also appeared in the form of a great tortoise and dived to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve the potent drink.
  •  When demon Hiranyaksha had cast the earth to the bottom of the cosmic sea, Vishnu became the boar – Varaha Avatar. That time he plunged into the depths and saved the earth by placing it on the top of the waters to float.
  •  To kill the tyrant Hiranyakashipu, Vishnu took the form of the Narasimha Avatar (half human and half lion) and killed Hiranyakashipu on the threshold of his home at sunset.
  •  Bali the assura kind had controlled the earth at that time he appeared in the  Vamana Avatar as a dwarf.
  •  When the kshatriyas – the warrior class became intoxicated with power, Vishnu was born as the brahmin Parashurama to eliminate their threat and save the earth.
  •  In his next avatar he was born as Rama whose story is told in the Ramayana.
  •  Then he came in the Krishna Avatar and played an important role in the Mahabharata.
  •  Then he appeared as Gautama or Lord Buddha, the ninth avatarVishnu Avtar
  •  The tenth avatar or the last incarnation is yet to come. It is believed that this avatar will be referred to as ‘Kalki’ will appear at the end of the present time. In this incarnation he will be riding on a white horse with a flaming sword in his hand.

In all his avatars Lord Vishnu has appeared as a leader and saviour of the world. On similar lines, the Sinddhurmani Dashavatar Puja is for attainment of Leadership and success in life. One who worships the incarnations of the supreme godhead, he gets the following benefits:

  • Fulfilment of all the desires
  • Relief from tension and #stress
  • Positive outlook towards #life
  • Positivity in life
  • Prosperity in education and wealth
  • Removal of negative energies present inside the mind and heart

If you too want to derive these benefits for yourself get this puja done from Shubhpuja.    Our team comprises of highly qualified pundits, who are trained in Hindu Shastras.          They combine science and mathematics in their vedic practices and perform these puja. To know more visit us http://shubhpuja.com/product/sindhurmani-dashavatara-puja/


Gauri Shankar Puja for Marital Disputes

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gauri-shankar-puja   What all do we expect from our life partners? It is nothing more than understanding, love, compassion, & care. But if unfortunately this doesn’t happen then marriages lead to separation & divorces.

These days most people are facing such marital disputes in their day to day lives. Due to stress & work pressure, these disputes aggravate so much that partners lose the ability to have a peaceful life.

If you are facing marital problems that are worsening with time, then we would suggest that you opt for Gauri Shankar Puja. This puja will restore peace and love in your marriage.

What is Gauri Shankar Puja?

Lord Shiva and Parvati Ji are the perfect epitome of a married couple, seeking their blessings for marital issues is an effective solution. Their eternal love for each other symbolise the ever-lasting bond of marriage. This puja resolves all the obstacles from your married life and showers peace and prosperity in your relationship.


The magical impact of Gauri Shankar puja was evident during the time of Lord Rama. Mata Sita performed this puja to receive the idol Shree Rama as her consort.

Benefits of the puja:

To regain back your positivity and maintain your relationships.

  • To prevent unnecessary fights and arguments in your family.
  • To protect your relationship from evil energies like anger, greed, lust and selfishness.
  • To bring back your lost love in life.

This is how we perform this puja

This puja is a performed like a ceremony for removing all the worries about your married life. Our highly educated Vedic scholars perform the rituals.

The ceremony begins by worshipping to Lord Ganesha and chanting “Shree Ganeshaaya Namaha”. The partners should be dressed in yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mat facing north. Yellow flowers, rice grains and Gauri Shanker Rudraksh are offered to the idol of Shiv and Parvati Ji.

Partners are required to pray to them with complete faith and seek their blessings for a peaceful marital life by chanting the mantra.

ll Om Bhavani Gaurie Pati Sukh Saubhagyam Dehi Dehi Shiv Shaktiyee Namah ll

Some key aspects of Gauri Shankar Puja are:


  •  The Gauri Shankar Puja should be performed on a Friday and during morning hours
  •  The devotee should wear clean clothes after taking a bath, preferably yellow.
  •  Puja should be done by facing north direction only.

It is always a good idea to take blessings of Shankar ji & Parvati in every phase of life, good or bad.

Our puja resolves all the disputes immediately and develops love & respect for each other.