Sindhurmani Sarvbhouma Dashavatar Puja for Attainment of Leadership

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Vishnu Avtar1

From our childhood we have heard stories that god comes in human form to preserve the world from evil. Indeed, it is true as this has happened many times in the past. God always tries to maintain a balance between the good and the evil, when this balance tilts on the evil side and it becomes heavier, god has to appear on earth to restore the balance.

Lord Vishnu is said to have taken human form on earth on ten different occasions to save the world, and each time he has appeared in a different form. The stories of Vishnu’s incarnations, or the 10 avatars are mentioned in the Vishnu Puran. Out of the ten avatars in four of them he has appeared as an animal. His avatars progress from a fish/marine vertebrate, amphibious and land-based vertebrates, and then reach the human stage. In human form, Vishnu first appears as half-man & half-lion, then as a short man, a violent man, a peaceful man, a loving man, a meditative man and lastly as a mystical man.

  • In the form of a fish – the Matsya Avatar, he saved the sage Manu and the sacred Vedas from a great flood.
  •  Vishnu also appeared in the form of a great tortoise and dived to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve the potent drink.
  •  When demon Hiranyaksha had cast the earth to the bottom of the cosmic sea, Vishnu became the boar – Varaha Avatar. That time he plunged into the depths and saved the earth by placing it on the top of the waters to float.
  •  To kill the tyrant Hiranyakashipu, Vishnu took the form of the Narasimha Avatar (half human and half lion) and killed Hiranyakashipu on the threshold of his home at sunset.
  •  Bali the assura kind had controlled the earth at that time he appeared in the  Vamana Avatar as a dwarf.
  •  When the kshatriyas – the warrior class became intoxicated with power, Vishnu was born as the brahmin Parashurama to eliminate their threat and save the earth.
  •  In his next avatar he was born as Rama whose story is told in the Ramayana.
  •  Then he came in the Krishna Avatar and played an important role in the Mahabharata.
  •  Then he appeared as Gautama or Lord Buddha, the ninth avatarVishnu Avtar
  •  The tenth avatar or the last incarnation is yet to come. It is believed that this avatar will be referred to as ‘Kalki’ will appear at the end of the present time. In this incarnation he will be riding on a white horse with a flaming sword in his hand.

In all his avatars Lord Vishnu has appeared as a leader and saviour of the world. On similar lines, the Sinddhurmani Dashavatar Puja is for attainment of Leadership and success in life. One who worships the incarnations of the supreme godhead, he gets the following benefits:

  • Fulfilment of all the desires
  • Relief from tension and #stress
  • Positive outlook towards #life
  • Positivity in life
  • Prosperity in education and wealth
  • Removal of negative energies present inside the mind and heart

If you too want to derive these benefits for yourself get this puja done from Shubhpuja.    Our team comprises of highly qualified pundits, who are trained in Hindu Shastras.          They combine science and mathematics in their vedic practices and perform these puja. To know more visit us


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