♨️ How does the Navgrah Yantra helps? ♨️

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Shpj333 Shubhpuja Shree sampurn navgrah siddha yantra

Navgrah yantra is a combined yantra for all the nine planets (Sun, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, moon, Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu) and is divided into nine squares, each one with a talisman representing one planet. It is the most powerful among all other astrological Yantras for carrying the powers of all nine planets together at one center.

Navgrah mantra

The yantra to be purified with Navgrah mantra for thousand times daily for forty five days. The mantra for recital is

               Brahma Murari tripurantkari bnanu shashi bhumisuto budascha|

               Guruscha shukro shani rahu ketva sarvegrah santkare bhavantu||

Benefits of this yantra

  • This Yantra is very beneficial for vanishing the malefic effects of planets.
  • It is also beneficial for enhancing the strength of well placed planets in horoscope chart.
  • This Yantra would bestow many good impacts upon life path besides reducing all the negative planetary influences and enhancing positive impacts upon individual’s life.

How to worship this yantra

  • During worshiping of this Yantra’s are pre Energized with your Name and Gotra.
  • During puja – Fruits, honey and spiced rice of various kinds to be offered.
  • Navgrah yantra should be worshiped life-long to ensure that one always gets optimum benefits from all the planets.

Where to place it

  • This yantra is inscribed on gold plate and keep it in home .
  • This yantra should wear in the neck.

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