The Divine Pull of Full Moon

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Relationship between full moon and its varied effects have been known for years, as this is the crucial moment when the connectivity between human and divine is quite strong. Be it biological, emotional, health related or spiritual; the waxing and waning of moon affects the lives of all living beings. It is a time of positive opportunities that knocks our door, and it depends upon us to utilise them or let them go.

  • The impressions in our sub-conscious mind gives rise to numerous thoughts and thus affect our personality and thought process. So the full moon frequencies has the power to make the thought frequencies from our sub-conscious mind, surface to the conscious mind; where they can be evaluated and solved.
  • An increased activity of mind is observed on full moon day and it also decreases the raja-tama components due to strong illuminations.
  • It is a perfect time to manifest your dreams, so positive thinking and focussing on your goals can empower you with energy to make them true.
  • The active frequencies are the best time for sending long distance healings, forgiveness, and love energies.
  • Strong pull on the earth creates tangible effects and minimal raja-tama energy is available for the evil or occult powers, so the positive energies dominate.
  • The full moon day is a 5 day process, during which the divine waves helps us to focus on our personal growth and spiritual accomplishments.
  • The full moon is associated with love, prophesies and child birth and is a source of power to effect positive changes and inspiration.
  • Our body has a field of energy – the aura – which is the same as the aurora or magnetic and gravitational field of the planet; this day makes the individual aware about the oneness with Universal force.


Contributed By: Meenakshi Ahuja




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