What do your Nails suggest?

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shubhpuja.comThough the regular trimming of our nails makes it a futile part, yet it holds great significance for study of palmistry as well as a health study guide. Often a patient does not know, or for the moment forgets, what his parents have suffered or died from; but the deep examination of the nails will disclose important hereditary traits. Most important part, the care of the nails doesn’t not alter or affect their type.

Long Nails:

  • In disposition, long nailed individuals are less critical and more impressionable than these with short nails.
  • They show more calmness and resignation in every way.
  • They portray artistic nature, and are fond of poetry, painting and fine arts.
  • The broad and long nails indicate a pugnacious disposition, also a tendency to worry and interfere in other people’s life.
  • They indicate the lack of physical strength, and the person is more liable to suffer from chest and lung trouble.
  • Long nails, very wide at the top and bluish in appearance, denote dead circulation proceeding from ill-health, or nervous prostration. Especially in the case of women between the ages of 14 and 21, and 42 and 47.


Short Nails:

  • Thin and small nails denote delicate health and want of energy.
  • They are extremely critical, even of things relating to self. More inclined towards logic, reason and facts.
  • They are quicker, sharper, and keener in their judgement; and fond of debate and arguments.
  • Short and small nails run in those families in which there is a tendency towards heart trouble.
  • Short nails, very flat and sunken into the flesh at base, show nerve disorders.
  • These people have a greater tendency to suffer from heart trouble and from complaints affecting the trunk and lower limbs.






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