Vastu for Destressing

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The jam-packed schedule of today with long working hours and competitive pressure creates stress and loss in mental peace. Lifestyle disorders like heart trouble, high blood pressure, and digestive disorders along with mental health problems like depression, nervousness, aggressive and hostile behaviour are on constant increase. Thus in this situation, it becomes really crucial for us to create a relaxed and peaceful environment at home.

Vastu can help to create amicable and stress-free homes and make you feel ‘at home’ by just following few of these vastu measures.

  • Houses with main building towards the south-west of the plot, and more open spaces towards north and east, lead to stress free environment.
  • Nurture the form of free circulation of fresh air at your home by sunlight, plants, fountains, waterfalls, lawns and garden.
  • A toilet or a kitchen in the north-east corner contributes to building up of anxiety and stress. Overhead beams should also be avoided and never sleep under a beam.
  • The contaminants like formaldehydes, organic gases emitted by air fresheners, tobacco smoke, plants, plywood and carpet binders, asbestos, electromagnetic fields and termite treatments; must be avoided.
  • Avoid the build-up of electromagnetic and electrostatic fields from electrical equipment; electronic gadgets when left on while not in use.
  • Prefer the renovation or paint during the summer season, and four to five hours should be left before moving in.



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