What kind of Thumb do you possess?

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The truth of palmistry could rest upon the solid foundation given by the study of the thumb alone.’ This statement defines the significance of ‘thumb’ in the domain of Cheirognomy and the complete palmistry itself.

We often find cutting off the thumbs of the enemies during war, or of the prisoners for their crime. Even in the early days when prisoners were brought for justice in the court, they covered their thumb with their fingers- symbolising the giving up of his will and independence, and begging for mercy.

So let’s explore what kind of thumb do you have and what great powers favour you.shubhpuja.com

First or Nail Phalange: When the thumb is unequally developed, the first phalange is extremely long and the holder possesses extreme ‘will’.

Second Phalange: When the second phalange is extremely longer than the first one, the holder is logical and in spite of innovative ideas and skills, they lack the determination to carry it out.

Third Phalange: When the third phalange is long and thumb is small, the person is bent towards passionate and sensual side, as it is the boundaries of Mount Venus i.e. love.


Another noticing factor is the flexibility or stiffness of the first joint of the thumb. When supple, the first phalange is allowed to bend backwards; when on the contrary, the thumb is stiff, the first phalange cannot be bent back.shubhpuja.com

The Supple- Jointed Thumb:

This is the symbol of extravagant nature, one who is natural spenders of wealth as well as thoughts. They are quite adaptable to new people and situations and settle down easily.

The Firm-Jointed Thumb:

These people are more practical and possess a stubborn determination which makes them strong. The stick to one thing and have their own thoughts of making the best  in their own home and country.


Contributed By: Meenakshi Ahuja



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