Salute to Valour: Maharana Pratap Jaynati

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The vast cultural and historic occurrences in India have always added to its colourful list of events. Considering the emotions and sentiments of varied communities and religious groups in India, India ranks at the top with 21 public holidays in a year; according to a report by Times of India. Recently even the Uttar Pradesh government is demanding a holiday on the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap that falls on May 9. So may be an addition in the list of state holidays for the lucky ones. But anyhow his birth anniversary i.e. Maharana Pratap Jayanti is celebrated every year on 3rd day of Jyestha Shukla phase as a full-fledged colourful festival. This year it is on 21st May 2015.

The renowned patriot is well known for his valour, pride, enthusiasm and love for his motherland. In the entire journey, he was committed and dedicated towards getting the lost Chittor back. The well-known Battle of Halidighati is the epitome of Pratap’s bravery and passion to get his state back. It is said that the yellow coloured soil of Haldighati turned completely red during the battle in 1576. So not only the battle but his intelligence, good conduct and grounded attitude made him praise worthy among all.

Thus to celebrate the victory and courage of this hero, Haldighati festival is also organized every year in Mewar, Rajasthan. The cultural events includes the bright decorations with traditional handicrafts stalls and cultural music; that gives the feel of a mini traditional India. All the stalls are designed as per the local requirements and represent the chivalrous acts of Pratap. Thousands of tourists join this multi-cultural fair to pay homage to the brave ruler and be a part of this colourful celebration.

Special pujas and processions are also organized in other states along with cultural events at Schools to celebrate the victory of goodness over evil. This day acts as an inspiration for Indians to hold that faith and compassion for their motherland and adopt the virtuous attributes like him.


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