Time for Blessings for Nepal Earthquake Victims!

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shubhpuja.comThe point when man becomes helpless in front of fate, where no definite answers and reasons can be obtained is the recent occurrence of Nepal earthquake disaster. The massive earthquake of 7.9 magnitude devastated the capital on Saturday, 25th April and again on 26th of about 6.7 magnitude on Richter scale. Besides Nepal, the tremors were also felt in Delhi, Lucknow, Kolakata, Jaipur and other parts of North India. More than 3,600 people have been confirmed dead, the Associated Press reported and about tens of thousands have been left homeless.

Emergency Relief Work:

The condition lead to its people searching for their lost beloved ones, collecting their belongings from the rubble and struggling hard to fulfil the basic needs. The emergency created an environment of blessings and relief from around the world, where everybody is trying to contribute on their part. From medical aid, to sanitation and hygiene material to food and fuel, the major world-wide agencies like Ameri Cares, CARE, Catholic Relief Services, Direct Relief, Global Giving, Save the Children and The Seva Foundation; have provided the emergency relief to the victims of this tragedy. UNICEF is also conducting a rapid assessment of needs and providing special aid to children. Even the U.S. Embassy in Nepal announced $1 million as initial aid along with Italy’s Foreign Ministry and French President Francois Hollande, made emergency aid available.

Causes of Earthquake:

Considering from the scientific to religious purviews, various causes and reasons have been associated with the occurrence of the natural disaster. From the Geological Experts perspective, ‘the collision between two tectonic plates of India and Eurasia beneath the Himalayas along a fault line created friction that generated energy for the crust to rupture’. Such a severe magnitude was observed 81 years before, in 1934.

As per the diverse theories of Hindus and Buddhists, some blame it upon the theory of Karmas whereas others say that such causal contingencies just happen with no relation to cosmic rhyme.

So be it anything, the disaster is an alarm for all of us to get together and help each other, in whatever way possible. Along with material aid, the Blessings are also required as more than anything the true hearty blessings heal every problem. Even reverend Pope Francis and Dalai Lama expressed their condolence and invoked divine blessings from Almighty. No matter from which ever faith or religion you belong, just spare out some time and pray for the safety and security of those people.

Shubhpuja also express their deep condolence for the tragedy and prays for the security and happiness of the victims.

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