What is Puja?

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The divine act of ‘puja’ or also known as ‘pooja’ refers to the ceremonial worship by making an offering to the image of God, as per the definition in encyclopaedia. The act performed by majority of us in our daily routine, yet very few of us realizes the true meaning of puja. It is an art of expressing our reverence and gratitude to the divine energy, by performing various rituals. It is a pious way of communication between our soul and its true master.

As our physical mind needs an image to register its meaning, therefore varied objects like painting, idol, print, nature element or other such symbols are used as a source of interacting with God. Remember, the source is not the supreme energy itself, rather, it is believed to be filled with the cosmic energy of the universe.

Literally the two letter word ‘PU-JA’, meaning ‘Pushpam’ and ‘Jal’ denotes offering flowers and water to deity while reciting his name. It is also interpreted in a higher spiritual definition where PU means ‘purusha’ and JA means ‘Janma’; thus an act of giving birth or to awaken. Purnaat jayate iti puja, i.e. something which is born (jayate – ja) out of fullness (purnaat – pu)’. Thus puja is a divine act of expressing our love and gratitude to our ultimate source and connecting with the abundant energy.


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