Art of Universal Brotherhood: Mariyam wins the Gita Contest

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shubhpuja.comReligion unites, never divides”, this proverb creates varied connotations in the minds of human beings and is often neglected and took other ways. Since centuries, today and even ahead the eternal truth will remain the same i.e. the presence of Supreme power Almighty; even though referred through varied names. In this era a live epitome of unity in diversity was provided by a 12 year old girl, Mariyam Siddiqui, who won the Gita Champions League‘ contest among 45,00 students.

A Muslim young girl from Cosmopolitan High School, Mira Road, Mumbai inspires us to hold the same level of respect and inquisitiveness for all other cultures and religions. Not only the girl but her entire family supported her to win this contest and prepared her well for it. “I have always been inquisitive about religions and I often read up on them during my free time. So when my teacher told me about this contest I thought it would be a good chance to understand what the book is about. My parents too supported my idea of participating in the contest,” said Maryam. She even added that ‘Humanity is the biggest religion in the world’.

This is an event of achievement for our global humanity, where kids of today teach us the art of Universal Brotherhood. It’s all about gathering love from all religions and remember Humanity is much above religion and culture.

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