Aroma of Positivity: Why do we burn incense sticks in puja?

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shubhpuja.comThe divine presence is eternal, omnipresent and omnipotent; it’s just our lack of realization that we are not able to remember him each moment. Though we don’t adore him every moment yet we are particular about our traditional values and beliefs. The entire process of worshipping God is fixed by us in a particular manner but do we ever think rationally, why do we do perform a particular ritual?

Burning incense stick is an important part of the puja ceremony as per Hindu rituals and here we’ll highlight the cause behind this ritual.

  • The incense sticks acts as an air freshener and rejuvenates the soul of the devotee, who is worshipping.
  • The ambience becomes pious and tranquil due to elimination of evil or ill energies from the environment.
  • The attractive fragrance of the incense stick captivates the mind and soul of the worshipper and helps them to focus on His holy presence.
  • It also acts as a disinfectant to remove insects and flies away from the holy place of worship.
  • It is also said that these sweet smoky fragrance transmits our messages to the Almighty.
  • The incense sticks inspires us to leave behind our aspirations and surrender ourselves for the benefit of mankind, like it burns itself for us.

Thus the tradition of burning camphor or incense stick is not mandatory, yet if you do it then it’s a good practice and these reasons will make you utilise it in a better way.

Contributed By: Meenakshi Ahuja

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