Divinity online – Shubhpuja featured in New Indian Express

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Covered along with Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankarji
Covered along with Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankarji
Saumya Vardhan, founder and CEO of Shubhpuja.com, decided to work on a concept wherein one could book religious services with the click of a button, looking at the plight of her friend’s mother, when her father passed away. Even in her moment of despair, the lady couldn’t afford a quiet moment—running from pillar to post, calling pujaris, informing relatives, getting the pandals set up, and looking into a gazillion of other needs.

Thus, in 2013, was born Shubhpuja.com, an online portal for astrological, occult and numerological consultations, religious ceremonies, yagyas, homas and various other pujas. “These days, there are many preachers who take advantage of gullible people, especially those who neither have the right knowledge nor the time to learn about religious and spiritual sciences. Thus, I wanted to create a platform with pandits/astrologers who had the right education, skills and experience and who didn’t take devotees for a ride,” says Delhi-based Saumya, who once worked for KPMG and E&Y in London..

Shubhpuja featured in New Indian Express

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