Rudraksha – A Super Seed

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A man wearing fourteen mukhi Rudraksha becomes highly auspicious, like Lord Shiva. Anyone who wears even one Rudraksha seed is always admired like saintly men and deities and can even attain liberation”.


Origin and Significance

Considered a part of Lord Shiva, Rudraksha is a natural seed of the blue fruit of the evergreen tree Elaeocarpus ganitrus, also simply known as the Rudraksha tree. It has its origin in the Sanskrit words, ‘Rudra’ and ‘Aksha’. ‘Rudra’ is another name for Lord Shiva, and ‘aksha’ means teardrop.

Mythological tales have it that the Rudraksha plant was born out of Lord Shiva’s tear drops. The unique properties and divine powers of Rudraksha have been described in the authentic shastras like the Rudraksha Jabala Upanishad, Padma Purana, Shiva Purana, Devi Purana and Bhagavat Purana. For thousands of years, they have adorned the bodies of sages and saints leading a fearless life in far-flung frontiers seeking enlightenment and liberation.
The wearer of Rudraksha not only makes Lord Shiva happy but also pleases Lord Vishnu, Brahma, Ganesha, Indra, Durga and the ruling deities of the nine planets. Especially during worshiping Lord Shiva, Devotees should wear Rudraksha beads as it is much dear to him. These “holy beads” give peace, power and protection. Traditionally, Rudraksha are worn as necklaces, bracelets, and pendants and used for meditation.
Rudraksha has the power to influence, evolve and protect your life on the deepest level- The Soul.

They amend the karma of the wearer, leading a person naturally to the correct path of truth and purpose, making the pace along the path quicker and progress easier.

“The desire for wearing Rudraksha is the result of attaining the perfection of knowledge and Blessings of God during previous births.”

Rudraksha – Its benefits and working

How will Rudraksha benefit you?

• Effective in controlling stress, thus help in eradicates worries and blesses the wearer with greater peace of mind.
• Brings clarity, sharpen the mind, and increase the power of intuition.
• Build powerful shield circles from negativity and eliminate obstacles along the path to your success.
• Charge the soul with shakti (spiritual power), increasing the soul’s own radiance and its ability to more fully express its divine power & wisdom in the material world.
• Create an intimate connection with the positive forces in nature and the universe, help to heal the vital energies and bring them into pleasant balance.
• Widely used in Ayurveda to cure several diseases.

• Combat the effects of stress (including hypertension, depression, and high blood pressure without the harmful and often addictive side-effects of tranquilizers, anti-depressants, and beta-blockers)
• Improve concentration, enhance relaxation and exhibit anti-ageing properties.

How do the Rudraksha beads work?

The holy beads work on the different chakras of human body as well on different planets and invite blessings from God. They work best when worn on body, touching skin is not necessary but the method and time of wearing it is important.

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