Personal Occasion Puja: Namkaran Puja

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Modern day numerology suggests that the name and meaning of child has life-long influence on the career Paath, events and destiny of person. Vedic astrology indicates the first letter of the name of child as per the birth chart.

Just like christening of child is very important in Christian religion, it is important that we invoke blessing God through yagna and finalizing the name of child in consonance with esoteric forces according to the Hindu Vedas. Through this ceremony, the family members, friends and relatives participate together and accept the new arrival in society with their affection and blessings.

This is a function of the ceremony is also for guardian devas (angels) to connect with the individual so they can start guiding him or her in their life. The Namakarana samskara can be a simple or elaborate ceremony.

This ceremony is conducted to christen the child as per Hindu vedas and religion. In this ceremony, parents and family members of the child can give the blessings and give their wishes for the bright future of the child.

From Shubhpuja’s end, we send you qualified pandits to perform this auspicious ceremony in the most elaborate manner to reap the best benefits for your child. We even take care of the Muhurat and Samagri, in case of that need.

Shubhpuja has a set of of highly qualified pandits, trained in Jataka Shastra and are capable of giving you high-level spiritual experiences!

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