Personal Occasion Puja: Mundan Puja

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Every event in child’s development is an occasion of blessings of god and family members. Mundan ceremony is performed as the time of the first hair-cut of newly born child. Growth of new hair heralds the faster growth of child and their inception into society.

Mundan, also known as Chudakarana literally means- arrangement of the hair tuft is the eighth of the sixteen Hindu sanskars (sacraments), in which a child receives his/her first haircut.

Shaving the head according to Vedic shastras means enhancing the longevity or the life span of the child. The child’s hair at the time of birth is not strong and the mundan ceremony ensures that hair roots are strengthened and strong hair is formed. The first hairstyle is an essential ritual and cutting the child’s hair eliminates previous life negativity of the kid.

According to the Grhya Sutras, this samskara should take place at the end of first year or before the expiry of the third year, but the later authorities extend the age to the seventh year. The child’s hair is shorn, frequently leaving only the sikha or ā, a tuft at the crown of the head.

Special yagna is organized and puja is performed on this occasion to bless the child. To perform this ceremony, a havan is conducted by panditji and the head of the child needs to be washed with Gangajal. After that the shaved off hair are offered to River Ganga.

Shubhpuja specializes in the very puja and sends out to you our most qualified Pandits to perform the ritual. These Pandits are highly qualified and experienced in all performing all sorts of rituals and even add on to your knowledge of the same.

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