Personal Occasion Puja: Child Kundali Preparation

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Birth of a child is the most joyous occasion for any family. Children in a significant way reflect upon whatever they’ve been taught since they’re born, however, individuals do bring their destiny with them. It’s only once they attain wisdom they are responsible for shaping their destiny themselves.

However, up till the age of six, special care has to be taken pertaining to the health and welfare of the child. At this age, children cannot take a decision for themselves. Thus, parents are primarily responsible for grooming them and taking decision on their behalf. During this critical period, the parents should consult astrologers to find out the favorable astrological planetary positions through the kundali of the child. The astrologers will also advise you as to how your own fortunes will be improved with the arrival of new member in your family. This is a highly effective and important exercise that is recommended by panditjis all over the world.

Our expert astrologers give you an overview about the great future of child along with the precautions you should observe in initial care of child particularly from health point of view.

We provide astrological services to people living in India and abroad. We have a mix team of highly successful professionals (with knowledge of astrology) and educationally qualified shastris in Jataka Shastras who have given advice for a bright future of the child.

Our pandits can suggest various pujas and havans that will help improve your child’s health, success and happiness.

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