Marriage Puja: Vivah Sanskar Puja   

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“Vivah Sanskar or The Marriage ceremony – Sacred union of two souls – An entry into the dignified family life”


Marriage as an institution has been evolving dynamically since many centuries now. When just a generation ago it was about the family and gifting, now it is a lot more about celebrating your own self in the biggest and obviously the most expensive party of your life.

Hindu vedic marriage is most important ceremony in every individual’s life where and man and a woman take pledge for a lifetime of commitment and trust. On this special occasion, we thank the almighty and conduct vivah rituals to take blessings from the god and goddesses.

Our shastras believed that marriage is a means to thank our ancestors and for us to take our customs and traditions forward by continuing the family.

And do we not know the list of detailed Pujas it involves? There’re many we don’t even properly know about. So who gives you the guarantee of making your special day complete in all respects?

We at Shubhpuja do!

A qualified pandit from our end will conduct vivah puja (Panchang pujan) at devotees preferred location and time (or muhurat time suggested by Shubhpuja).

We offer it all from the perfect Muhurat time advice to a full hindu vedic vivah puja. 

The vivah puja is very elaborate and few of the pujas that our pandit will undertake are:

• Gauri Ganesh puja for marriage 
• Nav grah puja (Puja for nine planets)s
• Var (Groom) puja
• Madhuparka Vidhi (Bride’s father honouring the groom) 
• Kanya Daan (Giving the Bride away) 
• Pani Grahan (Hand Taking Ceremony – Gotra parivartan) 
• Exchange of vows and conditions 
• Lajahuti (64 Ahuties for 64 different purposes in life) 
• Mangal Phera (Four rounds for Dharma, Arth, Kaam and Moksha) 
• Saptpadi (Exchanging of 7 vows)
• Vamangii (Completion of the vows)
• Sindoor Bharan (Declaration of the duty of husband and wife)

We at Shubhpuja ensure a personalized and customized experience involving the highest degrees of professionalism and commitment. We give a direction to all your efforts in order to bring you closer to the all mighty.

So Follow the link and avail this amazing package right now!

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