Marriage Puja: Full Wedding Puja Package

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A social, ritual and legal binding contract called ‘Marriage’.

The definition of marriage differs according to various cultures, the principality however to keep the sanctity of this institution under which interpersonal relationships are acknowledged, intimate, social and sexual.

Legal, Social, emotional, spiritual or religious, one may get married for several reasons. Whom you marry, may also be based on various factors, influenced by perspective marriage rules, individual desires, social settings, love and so on.

We, at Shubhpuja, provide you with a platform to meet all your marriage puja related requirements at one place. From samagris to professional pandits, we are your one stop shop for everything you might need in your marriage puja. Shubhpuja offers a full hindu wedding package where a pandit trained in hindu shastras will be available during all the wedding functions to conduct the wedding pujas. You can sit back and relax while the pandit organises and runs all the pujas for the couple. Our pujas and pandits are not only confined to India, we may even come handy for our customers putting up overseas. (Follow link for further details)

In any field, a professional is the one who is well equipped in terms of knowledge as well as resources and knows his job. Like our pandits. A proper ceremony is conducted by a learned and expert pandit to bring wealth, prosperity and success to the new match.

 As part of this package, we offer puja during the full wedding event-

– Gauri Ganesh pujan
– Haldi ceremony
– Vivah Sanskar

These pujas may be available at various places for you, but Shubhpuja is not only about pujas but about a personalized experience each time you visit us. We assure you great discounts and packages as our valued customer and our team customizes your experience according to your needs in the best possible way, all in your budget.

So what are you waiting for, follow this link, now: !

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