Goddess Worshipped on the seventh day of Navratri: Maa Kalaratri

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Also known as Shubhamkari, Kalratri maa is the one signifying the black light. She is the one who is responsible for destroying ignorance and removing darkness from the face of the earth. This is the most violent form of Durga and it is believed that, in this form, she licked the blood of demon Rakta Beeja who had the capacity to bring out thousand demons from a drop of blood spilt from his body. This form primarily depicts that life also has dark side – the violent Mother Nature and creates havoc and removes all dirt. In Skand Purana, Maa Parvati liberates Devi’s golden outer sheath and becomes dark complexioned then Goddess becomes Goddess Kaalratri.


Maa Kalratri Mantra, Om Aim Hrim Klim Shrim Kalaratri sarvam vashyam kuru  kuru  viryam Devi Ganeshvaryai Namah 


Which means, May she Bhayankari Maa Durga who is with long lips, riding an ass, shining in various hues looks formidable because of the halo of Devi’s lustre and is adorned with multi coloured ornaments remove my darkness of ignorance.

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