Goddess Worshipped on the sixth day of Navratri: Maa Katyayani

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Born as the daughter of Sage Katya of Katya clan, she derives her name from her very origin and birth. Maa parvati’s partial expansion grew in Sage Kartya’s home and gets energy from trinity and demi Gods. In this daughter form of durga, she loves, is caring and docile and yet despite being the epitome of love, is not afraid to show anger to defend righteousness and Dharma.

In this particular form Durga is worshipped by girls to find a suitable husband and have a prosperous married life.

Maa Katyayani Mantra: Chandrahaasojhwala karaa Shardhula varavaahana, Katyayani shubham dadyath devi danava ghathinee.

Which means, May the ever watchful Durga Devi Kartyayani, who holds shining Chandrahasa (Sword) in Devi’s hand and rides a magnificent lion and destroys the demons, bestow welfare on me.


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