Goddess Worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri: Skanda Mata

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Skanda maata is basically the mother of Kartikey. Skanda is one of the names of Subrahmanya or Lord Muruga or Kartik – the General of the Army of the Devas and the most handsome God. Durga is in her most benevolent and motherly form in this form. She is also known as Padmasana. She is worshipped in this particular form for her power of reproduction, child-bearing and nourishment and vegetation.

Worshipping her brings sukh shaanti smaridhi and nourishment. She shows the directions toward Nirvana or Moksha. In fact, her blessings are boundless that bestows real peace in life.

The mantra jaap for Skanda maata, Na Mantram Na Yantram Tadapi Cha Na Jane Stutimaho Na Chavhanam Dhyanam Tadapi Cha Na Jane Stutikathah, Na Jane Mudraste Tadapi Cha Na Jane Vilapanam Param Jane Matastvadanusaranam Kleshaharanam.


This means, May the renowned Durga Devi Skandamata who is eternally seated on a throne and whose hands are adorned with lotuses, be ever propitious to me.

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