Bhrigu Samhita

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Bhrigu Samhita is the art of preparing the birth chart and we can, without any doubts, call it the Indian equivalent of the Zodiac Signs. “Janma Kundli” a complete scientific chart drawn with mathematical precision based upon the exact time that we were born is very popular amongst the Indians. It takes into account of all the planetary positions and their astrological influences at the different stages in our lives.

This has been obtained off the Bhigu Samhita, which is an astrological (Jyotish) classic attribute to Maharish Bhrigu during the vedic period, treat yuga, although evidence available suggest it was compiled over a period of time by various shishyas of Maharishi Bhrigu. Perhaps the Bhrigu Shashtra set to have penned down by Shukracharya dictated by Rishi Bhrigu who was the master of Brahamvidya.

The great Indian mythology says Mahariṣhi Bhṛigu insulted Lord Vishnu in some way which eventually crossed his wife- Goddess Lakshmi who also happens to be the supreme goddess symbolizing prosperity, wealth and fortune. She cursed Maharishi Bhrigu — that he and the community he represented (the Brahmins) will be parted away from wealth.

After great triumphs of apologies, the Goddess suggested him to share his Astrological vidya so that his Brahim counterparts and generations to come shall be benefitted. Maharishi Bhrigu became the first compiler of predictive astrology by compiling about 500,000 horoscopes. His database formed a base for further research and study. This study culminated in the birth of the science (Śāstra) of determining the quality of time (Horā) and is the Bṛihat Parāśara Horā Śāstra.

Maharishi Bhṛigu gave his predictions on different types of horoscopes compiled by him with the help of Lord Gaṇeśa in a brief and concise manner.

These Horoscopes were based upon the planetary positions of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rāhu (North Node of the Moon) and Ketu (South Node of the Moon). The total permutations/possible horoscope charts that can be drawn with this is about 45 million. Maharishi taught this art of predictions to his son (Śukra) and other pupils and that’s how it became a legacy and continued.

The amazing accuracy of the predictions that the Bhrigu Samhita contains attract all, the rich, the poor, the educated and the un-educated since times immemorial. People in millions have been benefitted with the readings of this Granth. We at understand, however, that not all of us have the time and room to read the granth and utilize for our greater good. Therefore, we bring you the benefits of the same by the research and the reading that we’ve done. Visit us, consult a pandit and get a full-view of your own janma-kundli and other life charts, all scientifically done and based on our ancestral gem of the Bhrigu Sanhita.

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