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Thought of the day

Know your fortune today through Numerology

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The branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers to tell someone’s characteristics or personality is called numerology. It is often associated with astrology and divinatory arts and helps us to predict the day’s future, for example, if the day will be favourable or unfavourable for work, relationships, etc.Numerology uses 28 nakshatras that are lunar constellations, connected directly to the moon and its myriad expressions, to predict a day’s future of an individual.

To achieve utmost success and happiness, all special/auspicious occasions such as marriages, education, house building, agriculture, farming, travel, starting new businesses, job interview, etc. should take place during the favourable Nakshatra and at an auspicious time.

It is often said that incase Nakshatras of a person are not favourable then it has the power to destroy him/her.

Simple method to know your luck today:

Find out Nakshatra of the day and your birth Nakshatra. Then start from the day Nakshatra, marking it 1, and keep marking the next Nakshatras (from 28 nakshatra chart) till you reach your birth Nakshatra.

Example: Suppose today is “Punvarsu” Nakshatra (19 Dec’ 13) and Nakshatra of your birth is “Pushya”, then count from Punvarsu (mark it one) till Pushya Nakshatra which comes out to be 1.

A) If your name Nakshatra falls under the Circle (4-5-11-12-18-19-25-26) – Some good news, union with friends and relatives is going to happen and there is a possibility to gain wealth

If your name Nakshatra falls outside the Circle (3-6-10-13-17-20-24-27) – It is likely that half of your day will be good while the other half will include tensions and worries

C) If your name Nakshatra falls on the “Trishul” ((1-2-7-8-9-14-15-16-21-22-23-28) – the day will be full of hurdles, obstacles and arguments, also you may suffer loss of wealth

Hence, before beginning an important task in your life or to know your lucky days, contact our celebrity numerologists


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Today’s date 11/12/13 will be appearing for the last time during this century. World over, the astrologers, numerologists and forecast people predicted today as an auspicious date.

However, as per the principle of Vedic Numerology, occurrence of any number more than 3 times, becomes less effective and hampers the positive qualities of planets respectively. experts have undertaken today’s date analysis:

Date 11 – The number 11 is the master number in Numerology which cannot be reduced. This number is ruled by double power of life saving planet “Sun” and further ruled by lord “Vishnuji”.

Month 12 – In this combination; 1 is ruled by Sun and 2 by Moon, giving 3 as a total number that is ruled by Jupiter. In astrology, if Sun and Moon jointly sit in any horoscope, an eclipse is formed making it inauspicious.

Year 2013 – 2 is ruled by Moon, 0 is ruled by Saturn, 1 is ruled by Sun and 3 is ruled by Jupiter.

Birth Number for the day: 11

Destiny Number for the day: There are 2 methods for calculating destiny number :
(A) : Sum up all the numbers in Date of Birth as 11+1+2+2+0+1+3=20=2
(B) : 2013 (year)+0012 (Month) + 0011 (Date) = 2036 =2+0+3+6= 11; again 11 appears second time.

According to Hindu Panchang, today’s tithi will be 10 (Dashmi), which further reduces to 1.

Major planets involved are- Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn for the date 11/12/2013.

Today’s Prediction:

Since number 1 is appearing 6 times as per Numerology and 7 times as per Hindu Panchang.
Often this date is auspicious, recommended by most of the Numerologists and astrologers, but caution must be observed to perform any auspicious activity today.

Who should be concerned the most?

Sun has great significance and occupies the central place amongst the Navagrahas. If the sun is malefic in anyone’s kundali, the individual will be affected by the Karkatawas of Sun like – heart problems, eye diseases, stomach diseases, Bones diseases, loss of position etc.

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